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Jayden Grace Troutwater

Jayden Troutwater is the pureblood daughter of Adele and William Troutwater.

Physical Features

Jayden has shoulder-length jet black hair that is usually in curls. She has a petite dancer's build, standing at 5'0" and brilliant blue eyes that darken and lighten depending on her current mood.


Jayden is often described as being very talkative, sweet, and determined to get what she wants. She can be a bit highstrung and dramatic at times, but is very loyal to her friends and family members.

Education at Hogwarts

First Year Jayden has had a pretty interesting first year at Hogwarts. On the Hogwarts express Jayden befriended Erin Heyman, Samuel Reach, and Surya Raju. Jayden was sorted into the Ravenclaw house and has befriended many other students since she has been enrolled. Some of them being: Caelius Ashdown, Nathaniel Zacharias Stone, Elliot Morganzo, Faina Malfoy, Mickey Darley, and Jordan Macey. She has hit a few rough patches with some students in her house however, Jezabel Black, and Scott Rowe being her two first 'enemies'

Jayden first grew close to her friend Nathan, and their friendship quickly blossomed into something of a relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship was short lived. Jayden finally got the nerve to reveal her true feelings with her close friend Caelius Ashdown,while her boyfriend Nate was in the hospital and discovered that the feelings were mutual. After sharing a kiss in the common room, and breaking up with a very sad, but understanding Nathan, Cael became her boyfriend. They are still together despite the rough patch they had to go through after they revealed their relationship to their peers, and none of their friendships were jeopardized.


Later in the year there was a brief argument involving her boyfriend Cael, and a boy by the name of Scott Rowe which involved ripping curtains, and insulting Jayden. Cael formulated a plan to prank Scott, and Jayden got involved. When Scott heard of what they had planned to do, he quickly rallied a group of First Years to defend themselves if things got ugly. The prank took place in the courtyard, where a paranoid Scott decided to cast Bombarda on a bush almost hitting Jayden and it got worse from there. A duel followed, in which Jezabel was petrified, and Jordan was knocked unconscious. The Headmaster arrived shortly after it started. The Headmaster gave them all severe looks but chose not to punish them. Instead he chose to form 'T.O.Ps' or 'Tate's Official Peacekeepers' in which they had to keep the school free of fighting. Jayden is in the group with Cael, Jordan, Nathan, Jezabel, and Scott... unfortunately the work of this group fell through and T.O.P.S was discontinued.

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