Maria Jennicka Villaruel





Date of Birth

December 10


Essex, England

Blood Status


Marital Status

Single (but getting married soon?)


 10", Willow with Veela hair core






Chamomile tea


Jenny is a self-proclaimed enthusiast. She is a free spirit who is very approachable and easy to talk to. She is someone who wouldn't hesitate to smile at everyone she meets. She loves adventure and is always open to experience new things. On the contrary, she's someone who wouldn't show negative feelings easily. She would even go as far as hiding and/or dismissing them.


Jenny grew up from a family of 4. The household was composed of her father, Joaquin, her mother, Maria Kristina, and her older brother, Julian Mario. They were a pretty well-off family. Her parents were likewise very loving and supportive towards the endeavors she and her brother decided to pursue. When her brother started studying at Durmstrang and got into Quidditch, Jenny also began to take up the sport. Her parents refused at first, saying that it was a dangerous sport for a girl like her. But because they were the best parents, they eventually accepted the fact that she was falling in love with the sport. 

After graduating from Beauxbatons, Jenny applied to the Braga Broomfleet Quidditch team in Portugal where she got accepted as a bench player for the first two years. She showed them that she had potential though, and not long after she was recruited as Chaser. She played for the team for almost three years. On that last year was when she met Nixon Daniels, an English reporter who wanted to document the progress of the Braga Broomfleet players. In two months time, he proclaimed his love for her, saying that he wanted to marry her. In turn, Jenny, who never ever had a boyfriend before, promptly reciprocated. Even going as far as giving up her Chaser status on the Braga Broomfleet team and following Nixon to England. Her family was strongly against it, but they still couldn't stop her. Jenny had a will of stone when she wanted to. And so, she moved to England with Nixon and in pursuit of a job where she would still get to do what she loved the most - flying - in some way, she applied to the Ministry of Magic. Thus, her current position.


Charms - O

Transfiguration - A

Herbology - E

Defense Against the Dark Arts - A

Ancient Runes - A

Potions - O

Care of Magical Creatures -O

Astronomy - O

Divination - A

History of Magic - E

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