Jude Botros

Date of Birth

18th - February - 2025



Blood Status








187 cm


  • Wife: Victoria Botros (2030), healer.
  • Daughter: Marwa (2070)
  • Sons: Lucas (2073) + Ramses (sept 20th 2076)

Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardy

  • House: Hufflepuff.
  • Class: not graduated (class 2043)
  • Extra: rebellious and a genius.


  • Jude showed remarkable skill in altering the charms he was taught. By the time he was sixteen, though, he deviated from his family and ran away at 17 without graduating Hogwarts.
  • Traveling around the UK, he lapsed into a heavy case of dark magic before he met his wife, Victoria, while he served time in a prison in Norway. Victoria was the Healer overlooking the inmate's’ health in the wizarding prison there. A connection grew between the two.
  • By 2058, Jude was released and went back to his parents’ house to start a new life. His relationship with Victoria fluctuated until her pregnancy with Marwa which led the couple to tie the knot shortly after her birth.
  • Jude is still considered the ‘black sheep’ in the whole Botros family for there was no Botros who had gone rogue the way Jude did, but it was a topic no one would bring up in family gatherings or among the young children.

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