Professor Julian Dominic Kade
Nicknames: Julian, JD
Date of Birth: November 1st 2033
Place of Birth: Rye, Sussex
Years at Hogwarts: 2045-2052
House: Ravenclaw
Marital status: NOOOOO THANK YOU!
Current Occupation: Charms Professor
Previous Occupations: Standup Comedian, Political Satirist – Now that Cooper is out of office he has a lot less to make fun of, Short Order Cook, Fisherman - it's the family business.
Mother: Bernadette Kade
Father: Richard Kade
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Bluish-Grey
Height: 6’ 1”
Best Subjects: Charms and Transfiguration
Worst Subjects: History of Magic and Potions

Personality: Back in school, Julian was that mouthy kid that spent a lot of time in detention. He was intelligent, but it was a well guarded secret. Most of his talent and intelligence was applied to making people laugh or finding new ways to create havoc and mayhem. He still loves a good joke and some people would consider him a bit outspoken and unorthodox, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Julian is by no means an over achiever, the Ravenclaw in him is more his wit than his work ethic, and people who go the extra mile don’t impress him.

Interests: Julian likes theatre, Zane Grey stories, true crime novels, rock music, Muggle video games, hockey, Quidditch, all things nautical, politics, and math for some strange reason. He likes wearing new socks, hates when they have holes in the toes.

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