Juliet Kim
Juliet Kim (줄리엣 김)

Birth date

April 18, 2064

Blood Status


Marital Status





Fourth (4th)




English, Korean, French, and slight Italian

School (s)

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (1st-3rd year)

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry(4th- 7th year)

Physical Appearance



Hair Color

Black (originally), brunette, blonde

Eye Color

Chocolate brown


168 cm (5’5”)





Magical Characteristics


8 ¼ Phoenix Feather and walnut, supple







Juliet Kim (줄리엣 김) was born on April 18, 2064 in Aix-les-Bains, France. A transferee from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and is currently a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry . She was sorted into Slytherin House.

Juliet Kim is a pureblood witch and the only daughter of Armand Kim and Charlotte Song-Kim. Like all the Kim family. Juliet has shared the same principles as she was taught to preserve both their ethnicity and their blood heritage for more generations to come. Juliet grew up with both her parents her teaching her everything their is to know about their Korean cluture. She was taught how to write, speak, and understand the culture and language. Her father had a different outlook in life thus he stopped feeding Juliet the same thing that was taught to him by his father. Juliet is very fluent in 3 languages and is currently learning a new one.

Early Years

Juliet grew up as the only daughter and (currently) the youngest grand-child of the family, making her more of an advantage rather than the first grand-child. However, her relatives on her mother side, she is the second grand-child of four but she rarely sees them. Like her cousin, Jonathan Kim, Juliet also grew up in a family of means and has enjoy with a lot of finer things in her life.

Juliet has been spoiled, not only by her parents but also her grandparents (on both sides), her aunts and uncles and until recently, her cousin.

Her father, Armand Kim, has always been the one to take care of her the most. In fact, the moment her mother gave birth to Juliet, Armand immediately took a long absence from work just so he could spend more time with her precious daugther.

Since back then, Juliet has always been sickly from time to time which made Armand really worried about her. One of their healers did say that it was nothing to worry about and as time passed by, somehow, Juliet 'overcame' such threats to her life.

Juliet is very much a daddy's girl, not that she's not close with her mother. She is also close with her mother as well but not as close as with her father. To her, it is always safe to tell her father anything even though the secrets were just about little of things. Both of her parents are strict when it comes to Juliet's physical appearance. She always has to be in her best behaviors and has to be appealing as always, especially when it comes to guests. And as for blood supremacy, both parents have not really discuss much about it to Juliet. To them, she could be friends to whoever she wants.

At the age of 3, Juliet had started to have interests with ballet thus, her parents enrolled her at a ballet school.

At the age of 6, Juliet was given her first story book. It was about the stars at night and mainly had pictures. Up to present, she can still remember how the story went and can memorize the words of the book still. She felt really happy and accomplished as it was the first book she had ever finished reading all by herself. Since then, Juliet has grew fond of reading just about any book she can find.

At the age of 8, Juliet have grown the love for piano through listening to her Jonathan, her cousin.
Tumblr m0eroaf3kW1qmnn9d

Juliet Kim, age 8

There were always certain boundaries when it came to Jonathan and Juliet respects those things a lot, including his own

privacy when it came to playing the paino. Jonathan had always been specific about playing alone and for that, Juliet would always sit outside of the piano room and listen to Jonathan while he plays the instrument. Through him, Juliet had also started playing the piano on the same year. Trying her best to play as beautifully as her own cousin. For most, Juliet just envies him because he can compose piano pieces while she could never.

At the age of 10, Juliet had received her first ever acceptance letter to Hogwarts. It was a dream for her to enter such school with all of the great history that it contains. Juliet is really fond of Hogwarts that she became very excited to enter its halls once the term starts. Unfortunately, Armand thought otherwise. He enrolled her at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic because of the fact that they're already living in France and this would be easier for the family. Juliet was not happy of this decision.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Years 1st- 3rd

First Year:


Juliet Kim, first year

Juliet had been longing to go to Hogwarts ever since she got her own acceptance letter but then her father changed his mind and instead she was enrolled at Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic. It's not like she didn't like the school, she just wanted to go to Hogwarts. As her first term started at her new school, Juliet felt a bit awkward with everyone. Everyone looked really polished and well-mannered. Everything and everyone seemed to be like that to her and she didn't like it one bit. Or maybe because, she just felt biased at the time. Juliet just felt really annoyed and irritated with everyone which had became the reason behind her 'Ice Princess' nickname. People thought she was just cold and hated to be social among her own house. She felt furious that it was the first time, she gave her father the cold shoulder and did not speak nor write to him for the entire year.

Second Year:

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Juliet Kim, 2nd year

The year where she just felt jealous of her own cousin and his stories about Hogwarts. Jealous, in a good way. She had still tried to persuade her father in letting her be transferred there. Giving him enough pros rather than cons and especially considering the number 1 fact that Jonathan is currently also studying there. However, her attempts failed as his father still had disagreed to all of it and making her once again not talk to him.

It did worry Armand that she wasn't telling him anything at all but at the same time he felt like he needed to be firm with his decisions to stop making Juliet get away with the things she wants all the time.

Entering her second year in school, she felt lonely most of the time and gave herself a new hobby which is baking or just cooking anything. She had excelled in that subject because whenever she had time, she would just visit the school's kitchen and bake just about anything. Archery would have been a nice alternative but baking was much softer and really fun to do.

Third Year:


Juliet Kim, 3rd year

Juliet mostly excelled in her grades during her third year at Beauxbaton. She figured that if she is going to stay for the next 5 years in the school, she definitely needs to step it up and earn herself some points to help out. At some point, she forgot about Hogwarts and started to like Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She finally cleared her head and began exploring the school, finally managing to see it like everyone else who loves the school. It's a big step for her to do it and she felt proud that she did. In the middle of the term, she got a letter from her father that they both needed to talk when she the term finishes. She did feel very curious as to what he meant by it but then she didn't really thought nor have over thought about it too. As the term finished, her father did talk to her the night she came back. Telling her that she needed to pack her bags for London because she'll be now transferring to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Truth be told, the first 5 minutes, Juliet was just completely speechless. She did not scream nor said anything to her father. As the good news finally sunk into her, she jumped around the manor happily, it even made their house elf giggle. It was all due to Victoria, her aunt. That her father finally made the decision to give her what she wanted. Since then, she had been thanking her aunt when she came by London to stay at their house. Sadly though, Jonathan graduated as the term finished. She did want for the two of them to b in th sam school.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Years 4th- 7th

Fourth Year:

Tumblr lsnochdBII1qhn1d8

Juliet Kim, currently

Juliet felt so happy that her father finally gave in into the idea of transferring her to Hogwarts. As soon as the summer vacation arrived, she finally packed most her things and went to stay in London with her aunt Victoria and uncle Alexander . She still owes her aunt Victoria a lot after what she did. The plus points to all of this is that she knew that her aunt Victoria adored of having a daughter of her own, so it is still pretty much an advantage to her that she is staying in London.

The first thing she did as she came by the summer was to buy the basic things needed for her fourth year. She needed to be prepared the moment classes starts at Hogwarts and she knew that she needed some adjustments considering that some of the kids their are already ahead than she is. Some lessons could be entirely different.

During the summer, she had met Daichi , who is a Slytherin quidditch, duck loving boy. Then the day after that she met Erin , a chocoholic Ravenclaw. Both of which knew her cousin. One was his pseudo brother while the other one just had a crush on him. The week after that, Juliet met a fun and perky girl named,Melanie . She's also transferring to Hogwarts and Juliet could not wait at the thought that they could be in the same house. Probably.

When it was time for her to leave for Hogwarts, Juliet felt so excited she woke up early in the morning and woke Jonathan the moment she finished with her stuff. On the platform, she met a bubbly girl, Tiffany, who also knew her cousin. 

Juliet's first year at Hogwarts was a rough time because there were so much going around the school. Their train had to stop in the middle of nowehere and they had to travel to Hogsmeade via portkey. Then she stumbled upon Daichi and scratched her knee (wasn't as bad as it looks like) that stinged for most of the time when they were riding their carriages back to Hogwarts. At the same time, she met Indy whom she notices that made Daichi blush. Of course, none of which his father knew about because as she knows, her father is a little but hesitant in putting her at Hogwarts with his insane reasons.

During the winter break, Juliet spent it in Romania where she had to practice with Jonathan for his piano concert. She had to have a strict balance diet since the first day of her practice. It was a tough time but Juliet finally manages through it in the end. She performed well enough not to make any mistakes while dancing. 

Later in the term, Juliet partnered up with Daichi for CoMC and they had to handle fire crabs. With her observation, Daichi was not a big fan of them but in the end Daichi confessed that he is traumatized by them and so Juliet made sure that she could help him with the work as much as she can. 

Fifth Year:

Short hair

Juliet, Fifth Year

Her summer started when she complained to her aunt about how the temperature is humid than the usual. As a result, her aunt talked her into cutting her short. Her mother was a bit surprised to see Juliet's short hair when she went home to France.

Physical Appearance

Juliet Kim has a very petite body with chocolate brown eyes and very pale skin. Juliet Kim is also nicknamed "Icethumb|286px|link=File:Otl404g2q5rw6xjvqevl.jpg Princess" in her previous school because of her strong facial features. Most of her 'first impressions' are always different from who she really is as a person. In fact none of those impression grew much on her as she believes that she's not as bad nor as a evil as people put her up to be. She did, at one point, admit that her strong favial features led to such distinctions to people's eye. It was not like she's blaming it but it would have been nice if people got to know her more first rather than simply judge her by one look.

She is currently 168 cm tall. Most of the Kim family members are tall enough. At times people did comment on her as being 'tall for her age', which she technically doesnot agree seeing as their are more girls out there that are taller than her, with the same age and sometimes even younger.

Juliet's hair is originally black but since she likes changing the color of her hair from time to time it can sometimes be blonde, brunette, short, long or even curly, depending on how she wants it.

Personality, Traits and Skills

Juliet is very quiet to strangers and can sometimes feel the awkwardness of her silence. All she just need is a little push from conversations to make her more talkative. She can sometimes be very blunt about the things she feels. Most of which comes out as an insult or a form of a critique which she apologizes at this. She doesn't mean to be out-spoken with her words, she just sometimes blurt things out-of-the-blue. She also has a habit of mentally dozing-off in a conversation especially in groups of conversation. A quick tap would do the trick.

Juliet loves being pampered in almost anything. She likes shopping and picking out outfits, she finds it fun and very interactive. Since she loves anything that is artsy and colorful, she channels such creativity through her own little way such as shopping for her own clothes and adding a bit more style into it. Her mother thought her how to sew so sometimes she adds crazy and new things to her clothes or any accessories she likes.

She is very skilled in archery. Juliet started archery at the ate of 7 and since then she has been so in love with the sport that to her it is more interesting than quidditch, although she loves quidditch too. It all started when she saw her mother play in their backyard garden. Her mother had always been humble about it saying that she's not really an expert at the sport. Juliet then suddenly became a big fan of the sport as she asked her mother to tell her more about it. Also, her mother was the first person to teach her everything that has to do with archery and she has loved it ever since. She is wishing to be a professional archer someday.

Like her cousin, Juliet can also play the piano. But to her she will never be as good as Jonathan. Jonathan can compose songs and his own heart stringed to the instrument. Juliet is just more of 'just playing the piano' type of person. She also wants to compose like her cousin but then, she could never do so. She just needed more time to practice and a little bit of push for her love of the piano.

Juliet can also ballet. It started when her mother visited a school in France that teaches young people ballet. She was 3 years old at the time and ever since then, she has been mesmerized by the dance. Especially how the ballet dancers danced it. Her parents then enrolled her in the same school and started her ballet at a very early age. Until now, she's taking summer lessons of it in France, hoping to finish it and become a ballerina. She also participates in ballet concerts and recitals whenever she had free time. On the summer of 2078, she participated in Jonathan's piano concert/ recital in Amsterdam.



Armand Kim Juliet is very much close to her father and she loves it when people actually refer to her as daddy's little girl because to her she will always be that. Juliet trusts her father in everything and sometimes with her decisions as well. Although, Armand doesn't want to be part of her decision making at most times he makes sure that Juliet chooses the correct one. One that she can be proud of.

Armand is also as attached to Juliet. Like every father, he will always do his best to keep security


Armand and Charlotte

and love for Juliet. Armand had became very strict when he became a father, according to his other brothers. Strict, in a sense that he has become mature enough and responsible enough on how to deal with his life and his family. His love for his daughter will always be there and he will do everything to make her really happy.

Evan Lee

Evan is Juliet's boyfriend, also from Slytherin. They first met during a Quidditch game when she was in Year 5. He is often seen by many as a rebel and band boy due to his nonchalant attitude, however on the inside is a very sensitive and caring young man, often difficult to get close to due to his cold outward appearance caused by matters that happened in the past. After meeting Juliet however, he has opened up more and become more warm and smiley.

Charlotte Song - Kim Juliet is also close to her mother but will never share the same closeness with her father. Charlotte is a little bit stricter to Juliet and will always look out for her manners and behaviors as much as possible, which is something that both Juliet likes but at the same time hates. What she hates about it the most is that the perfection that her mother wants from her is just simply impossible for her to give. Charlotte definitely loves her only daughter and will always try to give her everything in the world. Charlotte likes it alot when Juliet tries out activities that she can definitely use in the future, such as learning languages, archery, ballet, playing the piano and sewing clothes.

Jonathan Kim

Tumblr m9a1yoyEBc1rr0rw1o1 500

Jonathan Kim, cousin

Jonathan Kim is Juliet's other cousin, considering that in the Kim's family there are only 2 grand children. Jonathan and Juliet doesn't really have a close relationship as Jonathan would always tease her and when they were younger, he likes to make her cry.

The one thing that Juliet likes about him is his passion for the piano even though he has this strict policy about his piano room at the manor.

During the winter of 2076, Jonathan and Juliet became closer since Jonathan was pulled out of school by his father and was forced to stay with Juliet's family. They bonded over the simplest of things which made Juliet really happy.

Victoria Kim


Victoria Kim, aunt

Juliet bonded more over her aunt Victoria when she convinced Armand to let Juliet go to school at Hogwarts. Juliet knows that her aunt Victoria is a bit strict with manners and behaviors as well. So Juliet is just trying her very best to impress her with it. Another thing that she likes about her aunt Victoria is the very fact that she had always wanted a daughter. She knew that this is pretty much an advantage to her, so staying at their house wouldn't be much of a problem to her.

During the 3rd week of summer, Juliet stayed in their house and Victoria seemed to be thrilled having her around. To Juliet, her aunt Victoria pained her a lot with shopping, tea parties and just doing everything together... but in a good way.

Still, Juliet liked being around her aunt, seeing as she's always nice to her and is not as strict as her mother. Juliet felt nice being in her company from the time she stayed at their manor over the summer.


Daichi Katharos


Daichi, Juliet's first friend at Hogwarts

Juliet met Daichi at around Diagon Alley during the summer. For some odd reason, he had a duck attached to him and even asked her if it was okay to bring it with him around. Juliet, however was practically okay with it, considering that the stuffed toy had some sort of sentimental value to him. Daichi never told him of the reason behind him but he did hint her of something. Juliet didn't ask further more though, it might be a really sensitive topic to Daichi. 

Juliet also met Daichi at Hogsmeade when he crashed into her due to the Portkey. Juliet's knee was badly hurt but she didn't mind it stinging at all. She did know that it was of pure accident so it's not Daichi's fault that he stumbled on her. 

Daichi refers to him self as her "big brother" to Juliet due to same reason that Jonathan, her cousin, was like a big brother to Daichi too. It makes Juliet laugh but she doesn't really mind about it. She's just happy that she's making friends in her new school.

Tiffany Pevensie

Tiffany and Juliet met on the train stop to Hogwarts. She casually went over to Juliet and said her hello without her
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Tiffany and Juliet

knowledge that Jonathan was with her the whole time. To Juliet's surprise, Tiffany knows Jonathan and thus making the two get to know a little bit more. Tiffany loves anything sweet such as candy, chocolate, cake, etc. She also loves the color pink and is really adorable. Juliet even thinks that Tiffany is the type of person who could not dare hate someone even if she has too. All in all, Juliet is quite the opposite to her. Which made them even closer together. Juliet is very fond of talking to Tiffany and considers her as a close friend. 

Tiffany is like a sister to Juliet. They both hang out a lot despite their opposite behaviors. Tiffany also shared that she was a Gryffindor and has wished that it would have been better if she and Juliet was in the same house together. 

Erin Heyman

251027 144440229032219 1357383146 n

Erin Heyman

Erin and Juliet's meeting was a brief one. They met in one of the stores of Diagon Alley. She's the first ever person that Juliet had spoken to in London and is a student of Hogwarts which made Juliet a bit more excited to speak to her. Erin shared that she was in Ravenclaw and shared her experiences as a Hogwarts student. But Erin did had her awkward moments to Juliet. She kept staring at her and Juliet found it quite odd. Later, she finally realizes that it must be because of her cousin. She did conclude that Erin may find Juliet familiar due to her family resemblance and attitude to Jonathan. 

At Hogwarts, Juliet tried to find Erin to hang out with her but failed. Throughout the whole year, she has not seen Erin nor have spoken to her. She really did have fun talking to the Ravenclaw during the summer and it would have been nice if they could both talked once more.

Melanie Sung


Melanie Sung

Like the others, Juliet also met Melanie during the summer around the Diagon Alley. Melanie was quite different from Erin, Daichi and Tiffany. Like her, she was also new in town and was super excited to go to Hogwarts. There was quite a lot of similarities between the two. 

Melanie is a little bit giddy. She smiles and laughs a lot and is really cute. She also shared that she dreams in becoming a famous musician someday. Melanie is part of the Gryffindor when they had to ber sorted. 

The two haven't spoken ever since though

Kurumi Hollingberry


Kurumi Hollingberry, prefect

Juliet knew Kurumi through Jonathan during the time when Jonathan stayed at their house when her cousin is home schooled by her father. She knew that they were both a couple but nothing more. When she came to Hogwarts, she partnered up with Kurumi during a Herbology work and was surprised to see how she looked like. It was her first ever look of the girl.

Kurumi helped her with the Herbology work because Juliet did show signs of vulnerbility in the subject. She was thankful to her because it was such a big help.  Like her cousin, Juliet also troubles with herbology but believes she is better than her cousin with it.

During the course of the term, Juliet meets Kurumi around school but they both don't talke as much because to Juliet it's quite awkward to her considering that she knew half of what happened to the two. So she didn't want to be put into a situation where she can ask questions that would even make things more awkward than it already is.

Louisa Carter


Louisa Carter, Head Girl

Juliet met Louisa when she did her cousin a favor by delivering to her a letter that he wrote for her. Since Romania was a bit colder than most places, her cousin didn't want to injure his owl. 

Juliet knew who the head girl was but was surprised to see that it was her, the Louisa that her cousin is friends with. She also has heard of her during the time when Jonathan asked to use their summer house in Spain. Juliet has not once seen Louisa though. So their meeting at the Courtyard was their first ever. 

Louisa may not notice it but Juliet thinks of her as a sister. She was really fun and lively it made Juliet like her alot. Plus, the former head girl is quite adventurous like Juliet too. However, it upset her when she knew that Louisa is dating her school girl crush, Vickers . However, she still thinks of her as a sister.

[desrcriptions will be added later]

Behind the Scenes

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