Cactus blooming BW

The most obscure flesh-eating tree in the Wizarding world is the Kackling Cactus. This dangerously prickly prankster is also known commonly referred to as the Wasteland Warbler. Known far and wide for its high screeching laugh, this flesh-eating tree is as dangerous to eardrums as it is to the wizard themselves.

Appearance and Whereabouts:

Found primarily in extremely hot and humid regions (usually deserts), this is not a tree commonly known to Wizarding folk. Very few wizards willingly wander about to try to catch a glimpse of this rare specimen. These trees do not like highly populated or developed areas. As such few attacks have been documented, but there are a few, and who knows when they actually started keeping track! This variety can grow anywhere between 6 inches tall all the way to a towering height of thirty feet. Which is pretty impressive for a desert dweller.

How are they Flesh-Eating?

Besides a wizard or two, this flesh-eating tree most commonly dines on lizards, snakes and razorback rabbits. These poor creatures are drawn to the cactus in hopes of catching some much needed shade. The tree has been known to shift shapes and appear to overheated eyes as a water source, shade tree, and even a pool of water. While it is impossible to know what each animal sees when drawn to this flesh-eating variety, it must be something truly enticing. Or perhaps it may be stunned by the ear piercing laugh emanating from the cactus. The cactus will then leap into action, goring the prey with its sharp spines and devouring the meal through its mouth which is found at the base of the tree.

Though this tree has been cloaked in relative secrecy, Ministry Scientists have been in the field observing and experimenting. New research has been developed that shows this varieties sap can heal burns rapidly. Perhaps we will one day see these fearsome trees closer to home if they become an asset to our medical community. Just remember to keep your distance and look twice at anything too appealing on an unbearably hot day.

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