Kaitlyn Darize


1st May 2062

Blood Status


Marital Status




Also Known As

Kat, Kitten, JamKat-(ish)

Kaitlyn Darize, Kat (b, 1st May 2062) is a pureblood witch, of the Darize family. She was born in Croydon, which is very London. Her parents are Harold Darize and Rosemary Darize and is an only child. Kat has yet to attend to Hogwarts, due to the fact she was critically ill during the time of her first three years. But she is fighting fit again, so will join Hogwarts as a fourth year. The Hogwarts teacher visited her once in St. Mungos and sorted her into Hufflepuff, much to her and her parents displeasure.

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