Katrina Marie Hudson (born 1 June 2064) is a Pureblood witch and a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

Katrina Hudson

and Wizardry. She was born in Ontario, Canada to Claire Hudson ('nee Kanterbury). She lives in London, England. She is the second daughter and the middle child of the family. While she was in Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin house and served as the Female Prefect and Head Girl.

Early Life

Katrina had a normal Wizard childhood, especially since she's Pureblood. She had the company of her mother


Katrina, age 5.

and her father. She also had enough time with her older sister, Dianna, and her younger brother,
Kat, age 3

Kat, age 3.

Alexander. When Katrina was five, she showed many signs of magic. She started to grow flowers without the use of water, burn paper when upset, and make machines work without physical contact. Her father was the one who took care of the girl for most of her life, until she was ten years old. Her mother half- rejected Kat because her mother had her from an unwanted pregnancy, which her father did not know. Katrina was heartbroken at the fact that her mother didn't accept her, since she knew all parents should be held responsible for their children. Later, the little girl found out that her supposed to have believed dad wasn't her real dad, but her real dad (last name revealed to be Parker, another Pureblood) had an affair with her mother for a few months and leaving her Claire after knowing she was pregnant to their unwanted daughter. She swore to keep
Bby Kat

Young Kat playing with her friends

this a secret from the rest of her family, to gain the trust of her mother once more.

Once she gained her mother's little trust, her mother taught her a few Muggle hobbies and proper mannerisms. She learned to control her magic, which helped her a lot with Muggle activities. She learned how to play Soccer and the violin. Her mother tutored her on how to be lady-like, which her mother taught to her older half-sister too.

Katrina's believed father saw the dramatic change in his wife. He started to hold family movie marathons, picnics at the park, and other Muggle activities that kept the bond between the family strong.

Education at Hogwarts

First Year

Katrina obviously knew she'd be attending Hogwarts. She set off the Hogwarts on 1 September 2075. She met many other children like Beatrice Castell and Michelle Gwydion, First Years, on the train as well. When it was her time to get sorted, the Sorting Hat placed her in Slytherin, much to her mother's delight.

Normal PowerOfYouth2011 015

Katrina, age 11.

During the course of the term, Katrina met more students. She became friends fast with people from other Houses and her own House. She met the Muggle-borns Rose Deluise, Erin Cornelia Heyman, and twins Lilly and Violet Deluise. She also met her fellow Purebloods Ariana Blue, Ara Cassandra Prewett, Raven Charlotte, and many more. Katrina and other students joined the Head Students, Prefects, and Captains in their culminating activity, the Around the World in a Hogwarts' Day. In this event, students had to complete tasks of activities being held in countries. They used the countries, Ireland, U.S.A., Philippines, and Japan. In the Ireland task, they had to retrieve five apples from a bucket of water by using nothing but their chompers. Then, in the U.S. task, they had to bake apple pies and cut the pies using Diffindo. In Philippines, they had to paint their own jeepneys and after painting them, eat your pies. But, the pies contained a shrinking potion brewed by no other than the Potion Master Professor Hecate Lafay, Potions professor and Slytherin Head of House. So, you ride the jeepney you just painted to the Japan task! You have to swim in a Engorgio-ed swimming pool and catch a goldfish that will help take you to the Black Lake, which is charmed to undo the shrinking potion you took. Alas, you're done!

Now time to party! The Head students, prefects, and Captains put up a tent and the party was held there. The theme was about countries, therefore it is International.

Second Year

During the Summer between Katrina's first and second year, Katrina went to many places. Her family went to Canada, her birthplace, to visit her Grandpa and Grandma. Then, for Katrina's 12th birthday, the family went to Hawaii and chilled. They all had much fun in Hawaii but they had to go home early because of some problems. Katrina's father fell ill and they had him checked in St. Mungo's.

35 yey

Katrina, age 12.

After a few test and scans, her father was diagnosed with the Muggle disease, Multiple Myeloma. The Healers couldn't help him so he got admitted at a Muggle institution and was under their care. Her sister, Dianna, had started to overtime at the Ministry to get some money and her mother started working in local restaurants to earn a living.

Katrina also fell ill with fever a week before the start of term. Aunt Melanie, the girl's father's cousin, bought all her supplies for her so Katrina didn't have much time to see her friends. Two days before the Train leaves, Katrina's health got better and she was ready to hit the books again. Katrina packed her things, said her goodbyes, and was all set for Hogwarts. Before boarding the Train, she met up with her friends at the Station like Erin Cornelia Heyman. Erin was hiding from her Aunt at the Western Concourse. Soon, when the Train was ready to leave, Kat gave her final farewells to her mother, sister, and brother. She gave her best wishes to her brother, especially since he was planned to depart for Durmstrang in a few days. And her journey begins... but did not come out as expected. One day, Katrina caught a bad cold and went to the Hospital Wing. She missed the much awaited Quidditch Try-outs and all her lessons. She wasn't able to even take the exams and assignments. She was able to go home at the end of the term and will come back for her Third Year. Oh boy...

Third Year

Normal 02~5

Katrina, age 13

"Summer is hot and so are we!" Katrina believes in that line so much. Anyway, she spent three weeks at Canada with her grandparents again.Her grandparents were thrilled to see their grandchild well again. Soon, they went
Normal 128713 la

Katrina opening her gifts on her 13th Birthday.

back home to London. For some unknown reason (except for the fact Kat's teeth are crooked), the girl got Muggle braces installed. They look good anyway. On Katrina's birthday, the family bought her her most wanted Muggle books. She couldn't be happier than ever. The Hudsons spent most of their times relaxing at the beach and probably bonding. With Dianna not always at home, they always cherish the time they have together. Yes, Kat's summer is more on family. She soon visited her dearest cousins Savannah and Gwen in Paris. They spent time in museums and watching in theaters. But not all summers last forever. Kat had to start shopping in Diagon Alley.

But sadly, Kat did not attend her Third Year at the magical walls of Hogwarts. She stayed at Beauxbatons for one whole term. But, due to homesickness and her desire to see her friends again, Kat decided it would be best if she studied at Hogwarts.

Fourth Year

Willow Shields Premiere Lionsgate Hunger Games kviRmlErOLcl

Kat in her dress to Dianna's wedding

Kat couldn't believe she was in Fourth Year already, and she's finally returning to Hogwarts. She was so excited

Kat at her 14th Birthday Blast

to see her friends again. Her mother bought her books at Diagon Alley for her as Kat prepared for the upcoming school year by packing her bags and her school needs. Fourth year at Hogwarts, you will be awesome.

That summer, Kat's sister Dianna got married to her fiance Robert Middleton. Kat was the bride's maid for the event. Kat was really happy for her sister; she knew this was Dianna's dream ever since: to get married and live a happy life. The first thing Kat did once she stepped foot on the Train again was go to the Food Trolley. She missed all the delicacies in there since in Paris, they had different kinds of foods like Bouillabaisse.Though tasty, the warmth at home was always better.

She bought Bertie Bott's and Licorice wands and took an empty compartment. There she encountered her honorary sister Cass after a year. They shared a long tight hug and Kat hoped she could make up for the year they missed.

While the two Slytherins were chatting, the Train lights mysteriously flicked on and off. Later on, the Train shuddered to a halt. A Ministry official then told all the students to use a Portkey to travel to Hogsmeade Train Station instead of the Train due to safety reasons. Kat will surely be expecting lots of surprises.

Once they landed, Kat rode a Thestral-led carriage that brought the students to Hogwarts. She sat at the Slytherin Table alone, because she was one of the few who first arrived at the Great Hall. She ate together with the Snakes after they arrived and her honoarary sister Cass Prewett sat beside her. She also talked for a few minutes with Erin just to rekindle their friendship. And so the term began with new turns in life...


Kat in her Slytherin Quidditch Robes

Kat did not expect herself to actually tryout for the team. She was kind of shy but she thought it would be good if she was able to enjoy herself. There was nothing wrong with trying. So Kat took a broom and did her best not just for her family, but also for Slytherin House.

It may have been an illusion to Kat but Slytherin Captain Dylan Montmorency was kind of impressed with her tryouts. Kat has her fingers crossed. She can't waaaaaaait!

And good news comes upon Kat when she found out she got into her House Quidditch Team. This causes a celebration!

During the first game of the term between Slytherin and Gryffindor, Kat could not believe that the snakes lost to the lions. Distraught, the blonde was determined to win the next game Slytherin will have.

Realizing that the Snakes' next game will be against Ravenclaw, Kat was scared. She knew that she and her friends Beezus and Erin will have to be rivals for that game. And that Captain Montmorency will have to choose between his Slytherin Quidditch Team and Beezus. Well, we all know it's us anyway. This was the first term where Kat was able to sort out some feelings. She grew to like a younger Slytherin (West) and found a tiny hatred for First Years (Alexa and Serenity). That same term, Kat experienced deep loss when she found out on the day of the Scrimmage Match that her father passed away a day before. Despite how depressed the girl was, Kat found ways to stay strong for her team and playing as Keeper that Scrimmage Match to make both the team and her father proud. All her efforts paid off when Vivi Branxton, the seventh year student who officiated the Scrimmage Match, announced Slytherin's victory. Finally.

Also, this was the first end-of-term feast wherein Kat actually cried bidding her good byes to the Seventh years. She said her farewells to Kurumi, honorary sister Cass, and Head Boy Kennedy. The end was hard for her but she was ready to take on a new year... her OWLs year.

Oh, and she told West that she likes him.

Fifth Year

The summer between Kat's fourth and fifth year was boring... at first. Her time was going to be spent for studying OWLs stuff for the upcoming term. She had no other plans besides that. The things that happened though, they weren't planned. Cause they were unexpected. West sent her an owl to meet at the Weasley Event at the Three Broomsticks. They both ate there and enjoyed themselves. And Kat had her first kiss just like that. She was BEYOND happy though. Things you do for love. It was awkward, but it was one thing Katrina wouldn't dare forget as it was her first kiss. The thing between her and West did not interfere with Quidditch tryouts (she got the position of Keeper) and practices. Once West started dating Bliss, the fifth year found it best that she moved on and she successfully did. Another thing she did not see in the cards was another boy who was lucky enough to have grabbed her attention. Prior to the match against Ravenclaw, Clement Belrose told Katrina that if they won he would give her a surprise. And surprise it was. Slytherin won the match and when Katrina came back to the common room, she had Clement's lips on hers. Starting that day the fifth year had feelings for him, but later denied and dropped them since she made OWLs her top priority. Oh, the effects of #BodyByDylan on people. This term too revolved around the Hogwarts Board of Governors, which was something Katrina wasn't interested about. It was to her dismay when she saw candidates in almost every single class she attended. By election time, Katrina did vote and hoped for the best of the candidates she voted for.

Sixth Year

Her sixth year was, in general, a huge surprise. Katrina had never expected that she would take Sierra's place as Slytherin's female prefect after Sierra’s graduation. At first Katrina didn't believe it and felt like she wouldn't really be as great of a leader as Sierra was, but all she wanted was to make sure Slytherin was alright and that victory was in their favour. When the term started, she tried her best to be welcoming to the newly-sorted Slytherins. It was a tough and tiring job, but that was all good. Lots of weird things happened in Hogwarts that year, first with the Welcoming Feast when the whole castle was awfully dirty and the food wasn't as delicious as it used to be. It became even worse when they found out that there were turnstiles in almost every place in Hogwarts and the common rooms were as messy as everything else. It definitely wasn't the best way to greet the new school year and her prefect duties were all put to the test. Making it three years in a row, Katrina signed up for the Quidditch tryouts and got in the Slytherin team as Keeper once again. This term, Katrina had admitted her oh-so-deep feelings for Cle and the two began dating on March 2081 until now. Slytherin won the Quidditch Cup just in time for their captain Dylan Montmorency's final year in Hogwarts. During the End of Term feast, the sixth year bid her goodbyes to the graduating students. They found out that the turnstiles would all be taken away the following term and Katrina is so relieved about it. Indeed, the term ended with a big bang.

Seventh Year

To be added once term has finished.


Katrina has elbow-length dirty blonde hair and fair skin, which she inherited from her mother. She has big and penetrating green eyes, which she got from her biological father, that was questioned by her believed father multiple times. She is 5"3' and at around 52 kilograms.


Katrina was a fun-loving little girl, possessing many qualities of her Hogwarts House, Slytherin. She is also smart and creative, which made the Sorting Hat nearly place her to Ravenclaw. She is competitive, making her do anything to help in winning to win the House Cup. She is also a fan of Quidditch; her favorite teams were Slytherin Quidditch Team, Holyhead Harpies, and Chudley Cannons. Katrina is quite a bookworm, she borrowed many books from the Library.

Katrina is friendly to everyone. She does not think she's superior over wizard-kind. She respects Muggles and Muggle-borns, making friends with a fair few at home and at Hogwarts.

Katrina does not like being judged or being added on to. She has certain qualities you may not even know.


Katrina is quite talented and intelligent for her age. She has certain talents.

Dueling- Katrina joined the Duelling Club during her First Year. She had ease in casting spells at others and had the speed to cast them before her opponent. She uses her Duelling skills when needed only.

Defense Against the Dark Art- Katrina is talented in this class. She answered many questions related to it correctly. She can master the spells used for Defense with ease.

Potions- Potions was Katrina's favorite subject. Not only that he Head of House taught it, but that she gets high scores for that. She always gets her potion right.

Transfiguration- Katrina could tranfigurate things easily. She also has the determination, aim, and will to cast Transfiguration spells perfectly, like "Diffindo".

Fluent German- Katrina knows how to speak German. She was taught by her Aunt Bella, who married a German Muggle. She can pass as a British-German if she were to ask to speak in the language in front of a German citizen. But now, she's completely lost it.

Metamorphagus ability- Katrina was a Memtamorphagus. Her biological father was also a Metamorphagus, indicating that his daughter took in the same ability. Katrina barely used this ability because her "father" prohibited her to use them due to some reactions neighbors made when the little girl seemed to have "dyed" her hair everyday with different colors.

Quidditch- Katrina was a huge fan of Quidditch. She learned how to play it from her 'father' who taught her and brought her to the Quidditch Cup and some games. Kat played for her House during her fourth term.



Katrina had an unusual relationship with most of her family members. But their hidden bond remained strong through the years even with the unknown secret lingering through Katrina's veins. This section includes Katrina's parents, siblings, and cousins.

Jordan Hudson

Jordan Mikhael Hudson was Katrina's believed-to-be father. He did not

Hudson real dad

Jordan Hudson, Katrina's believed father

know Katrina's secret with his wife so it was safe. He loved his children. He is a type of man who is loving, strong, and will do anything to protect his family.

When Katrina was born, he was rather confused on how she didn't have neither his or his wife's eyes and believed that Katrina was a born Metamorphagus, which was quite rare since none of them were one. He was convinced that Katrina was just special, that "no Hudson is born without something unique", like Dianna, who had a birth mark on her waist, Alexander, who had quite blonde-brown hair, and himself, who had stormy grey eyes.

Jordan and Katrina were the closest in the family, not leaving each other's back. He helps Katrina during her insecure times and Katrina gives him always a light during his darkest times.

When Jordan studied at Hogwarts, he was in Ravenclaw.

Around June of 2079, Jordan passed away leaving his beloved family and friends behind.

Claire Hudson

16 (Paula Malcomson)

Claire-Therese Hudson ('nee Kanterbury), Katrina's mother

Clarissa Imelda "Claire" Hudson ('nee Kanterbury) was Katrina's mother. Katrina's insecurities came all from her mother.

When Katrina was born, Claire regretted everything about her newborn daughter. She left all her mother responsibilities to her husband. Secretly, she regretted having an affair with another man, Mr. Parker, who was a Pureblood wizard that worked with Claire at the Ministry.

When Claire told her daughter about her real father, she began to do her duties as Katrina's mother. She taught her a lot of things like the violin, and enrolled her into Soccer lessons.

Until now, Katrina and her mother remain a strong bond for each other. But they have to watch every turn of Katrina's life ever since she let the secret spill to her innocent daughter's mind.

Dianna Middleton ('nee Hudson)

Aldianna Elizabeth Middleton ('nee Hudson) is Katrina's older half-sister. She and Dianna had the usual sister relationship.
6 (Diana Agron1)

Dianna Hudson

They fight, laugh, share, and just do things together. When Dianna has her boy problems, she lets them spill to Katrina, and vise versa. Once Dianna got in trouble at Muggle school for having a fight with Taylor Goode, Dianna came to Katrina instead.

Dianna is described as "charming, intellegent, and artistic", making the Sorting Hat place her in Ravenclaw. Dianna, of course, has had a series of admirers in her life. One example is her friend since Kindergarten, the British-Japanese muggle Jae Brian Walker. The older blonde did return Jae Brian her love until they had to separate since Dianna had to attend Hogwarts and Brian and his father migrated to Seoul, South Korea where his Korean mother lived. And at Hogwarts, many boy students, a mixture of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and fellow Ravenclaws, had fallen in love with her too. She had her first love (and kiss, too!) during her Third Year with a Fourth Year Gryffindor named Kyle Mahone. Thus, she had her first heartbreak. On July 2078, Dianna married to her former boyfriend and current husband, the muggle-born Robert Middleton.

Both of them may have different looks, personalities, and attitudes. But they share two things other people may not have, reliability and perfect sisterhood.

As of 2079, Dianna is pregnant to her first child with Robert.

Alexander Hudson

Alexander David Hudson

Alexander Hudson, Kat's 13 year old half-brother

Alexander David Hudson is Katrina's younger half-brother. He is mischievous, fun-loving, and always in trouble at home. But he and Katrina had a strong and smooth relationship. They are also known as the family's partners in crime, despite Dianna's disapproval.

Alex was born on a rainy Thursday, much to Katrina's dismay. But Katrina was patient, she wanted a brother so badly. As Alexander began seeing the world of Muggles and the world of His kind, he did not wait to go to school. He wanted to go to Hogwarts ever since. He had been displeased by the fact that he'd be the last in the family to go to school.

Alex and Katrina did have a few arguments especially when it came to Father's attention. Father always gave both of the youngsters importance but gave little attention of Dianna, who is of age already. 

Hogwarts Students

Katrina made a fair number of friends in her stay at Hogwarts. She had a good relationship with them. Katrina thought of them as her extended family while at Hogwarts.This includes, basically, the students Katrina met during her term at Hogwarts.

Beatrice Castell


Beezus Castell, Katrina's first friend.

Beatrice Castell or in short, Beezus, was Katrina's first friend in Hogwarts. Beezus is a Ravenclaw in Katrina's year. The two gradually met during the summer and when they were on board the Hogwarts Express, they sat at the same compartment except with other friends Beatrice knew.

Katrina describes Beezus as "her adorable Ravenclaw pal", if that's the right way to call such an intellegent girl. Because of Beezus' friendliness, Katrina met some of the other Ravenclaws. It was a nice thing to have Beezus for a friend.

But right now, the two don't have that much communication like before, which Katrina really misses. Kat hopes that she and Beezus could hang together this term.

Cassandra Prewett

Ara Cassandra Prewett Kats honorary big sis

Cass Prewett, Kat's honorary sister

Ara Cassandra Prewett or in short, Cass, is Katrina's fellow Slytherin and honorary

Cass and Kat

older 'sister'. The two met when Kat was in First Year and Cass was in Fourth Year. They both have some similiarities, which is why they call themselves as sisters.

During the middle of the term, the two had a heated argument. They didn't talk to each other, and it lasted for a long while. They reconciled when they bumped into each other at the Kitchens. And that was the last time they saw each other for a year.

Kat and Cass reunited once again at the Train at Kat's fourth year, Cass being in her seventh year. They shared a hug near the Food Trolley where they met. But their time together was cut because of the strange events happening.

Erin Cornelia Heyman

Erin Cornelia Heyman or in short, Erin, is Katrina's Ravenclaw friend. The latter met through Beezus. Kat has
Erin Cornelia Heyman kats ravvie friend

Erin Heyman, Kat's Korean-Brit pal

an attachment to Erin. Though both of them can have some misunderstandings, they both also find a way to reconcile.

During their First year, they met up at the Balcony at the Greenhouses to talk about things. They shared their thoughts and laughs as well. Then they both planned on watching Beezus' Quidditch game only to find out, the game just ended.

Kat saw Erin hide from her 'crazy' aunt during their Second year, at the Western Concourse. Erin was having a bad hair day (I think) and she even commented on Kat's hair as well. They both boarded the Hogwarts Express as well. The two chatted at the Opening Feast, in addition to their encounter earlier. But after the term, the two haven't seen each other for a year.

Kat hopes to see Erin soon, to rekindle their friendship and memories. During ther fourth year, the two had a conversation at the Great Hall before the Opening Feast. Erin had given Kat a Chocolate Frog because the blonde was hungry.

Kurumi Hollingberry

Kurumi Hollingberry

Kurumi Hollingberry, the Lion Prefection.

Kat met Kurumi Hollingberry during her Fourth Year and on Kurumi's Seventh Year. They met at the Library while Kurumi and Beezus were busy charming the books at the Reference Section. Kat offered the Quidditch book to Kurumi and helped them charm the remaining books. They only met for a short while and they haven't encountered each other that much in school because of Kurumi's Prefect responsibilites and duties.

Prior to the events, Kat had looked up and called Kurumi the Lion Prefection because of her popularity, intellegence, friendliness, beauty, and leadership skills.

On the end of term feast of 2079, Kat bid her good bye to Kurumi and cried and hugged her.

Cassia Somerlad

Cassia Somerlad is a Second Year Slytherin. Kat met her at the Great Hall during the Great Lockout of 2078. The
Cassia Somerlad Kiernan Shipka

Cassia Somerlad

two were the only students that so they socialized. Unlike most of the younger students Kat knew, she liked Cassia the time they started even talking. Cassia may have been a bit chatty but Kat could bare it since the younger snake reminded her so much of herself when she was her age. During the Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin game, Kat could hear Cassia cheering for her at the Stands. And yes, Kat likes being cheered for.

Blue Gracae

Baby blue

Blue Gracae

Blue Gracae is a Second Year Ravenclaw. Kat considers her kind of like her own little sister. Kat wanted a little sister for herself, since she's stuck with an annoying
Kat and Blue

"Let's go get cupcakes!"

but loving brother. The two met when Kat and Ariana Logan were common room-hopping and they came by Blue. At first impression, Kat thought Blue was bubbly. The impression seemed to have lasted.

At some time during Valentine's Day, Kat considered the girl as her 'date' because they had no one but each other on the day. The Ravenclaw even accompanied Kat in finding a late birthday present for West Odessa. West did ask for a gift, so Kat had no choice. They were close, right?

One time, Kat told Blue about her 'hot list' but Blue misunderstood one part of it. She told Theo about what she thought Kat meant, which was that Theo was 'baby-cute'. This caused a small misunderstanding and Kat's emotions began to whirl inside her. Soon, the two reconciled but Kat learned to be more responsible with her actions. And they had cupcakes for breakfast.

Elise Fairfield

Elise Fairfield was a Ravenclaw student in Kat's year. The two girls met during the Flying finals back in their first
Elle Fanning - Year 4

Elise Fairfield

year at Hogwarts. They both tossed and hit bats at each other and discussed on trying out for their House teams as beaters. Coincidentally, the two ended up in their house Quidditch teams in their later years. The two saw each other once again in their fourth year in the Fruit Orchard when Elise bumped into Theo, who got knocked down and cried.

Though both are from different houses, they maintained a friendship like no other despite the fact that they might play against each other in Quidditch games. Friends first, sometimes.

Slytherin Quidditch Team

Kat tried out for the Team during her Fourth Year. It was her first tryouts, but she was able to get her way into the Slytherin roster. It made her so proud of herself that she knew she'd do anything to make her House take that Cup. She made some good friends in the Team.

Dylan Montmorency

Dylan Montmorency was the Slytherin Quidditch Captain. When Kat tried out, Dylan seemed to be impressed

Dylan Montmorency, Slytherin Quidditch Captain

(if not, then I don't know what he felt. Lol.) with her tryouts since most of the Quidditch Players that got in the roster were returning players. Kat was the only new player on the team but she had nothing to worry about. Secretly, Kat thinks Dylan is cute (Even I can't believe it) but her feelings remain neutral.

Sierra Greingoth


Sierra Greingoth, Slytherin Prefect & Beater

Sierra Greingoth was the Slytherin Beater during Kat's first term to be in the Quidditch Team. Though Sierra and Kat have never formally met, Kat had been watching every game Slytherin had. She watches Sierra and the others bring Slytherin to victory. Personally, Kat looks up to Sierra despite her snappy attitude to others. Sierra aims high during classes. Kat thinks Sierra deserved the Prefect Badge. And Kat would like to meet Sierra for real, though.

The opportunity to be on the Slytherin Quidditch Team gave Kat a chance to talk to Sierra. During Slytherin vs. Raven'claw, Sierra did not play due to her broken arm during Slytherin Practice. The younger Slytherin was given the task to play Sierra's beater role in the game. Proud and happy, Kat did her best to hit as much bludgers as she could. Ariana Logan


Ariana Logan, Reserve Player.

Ariana Logan was Slytherin's Reserver Player during Kat's term in the Quidditch Team. Kat couldn't say that she and Ariana were close friends, but the two go out pretty well. When Kat agreed to finish the Herbology Task Force, the blonde decided to give Ariana the framed pressed flower Kat made. Probably that was the beginning of the friendship between the two. During one of the practices, they both just kept laughing quietly at how fail Kat was. Despite the controversy between Ariana and Kat's close friend, Beezus, the two maintain their friendship. Veater.

Kennedy Escalante


Head Boy / Beater Kennedy Escalante

Headboy Kennedy Escalante was Slytherin's other Beater, alongside Sierra Greingoth. This was totally special, because Sierra and Kennedy were together when Kat joined the Team. Kat's impression on Kennedy was that he was cool. Ken was obviously kind to Kat, which was awkward to the younger snake. Kat sees Ken as her older brother figure, even though she doesn't have a real one but she really appreciates it that Ken was there for her. During his birthday, Kat had greeted him and there's totally nothing special about that. Knowing that Ken would be graduating after Kat's fourth term, the blonde sure knew she'd miss her brotherly figure and his awesomeness.

Theodore Kinsley

Theodore Kinsley was Slytherin's Starting chaser and 1/2 of Slytherin's Terror Twins, meaning Kat works along with him. He was in his Second Year when Kat first joined the team. Kat thinks Theo is pretty awesome because he was a great Quidditch player for a younger student. But age DOESN't matter at all. Kat and Theo had plans of sneaking off during the Great Lockout of 2078, which included spying on Professors and staying away from other Houses. They weren't that close of friends, but they were like family because they were part of their house's Team. Plus, Theo made it to Kat's 'hot list'.

There was a time when Theo was completely disappointed in Kat because of the misunderstanding between her

Terror Twins (made by Tegz. <3)

and his best friend Blue Gracae. Kat's not sure if Theo would treat her the same.

West Odessa

West Odessa was Slytherin's Starting chaser and the other half of Slytherin's Terror Twins, meaning Kat works along with him. Just like Theo, he was an awesome Second Year because he was good on the broom at such a young age. [13 ain't young anymore, though.] At some point during Kat's fourth year, she began having tender feelings for him not just because he was part of her 'hot list' but also has been really friendly to her.

Kat's feeling seem to have grown stronger as events happened between the two. West said 'hi' to her a couple of times, unlike before when he never said hi to her. West backed her up when the three Starting chasers were having a small debate with Alexa Cambridge. And, Kat's favorite was when West volunteered to help the blonde with logical homework, but in return she had to help him with spellwork. But Kat knows Captain Dylan disapproves of all these 'interactions'. During a truth or dare game on April 2079 (OOC November 13 2012 GMT+8 around 7-8pm. lol) Kat was dared to lick West's face cheek. Reluctant at first, Kat had to do her dare and did it. It was really embarassing, saying that it was her first time licking someone. West also said it was his first time being licked as well.

Fun Facts

Actually, not ALL of them are fun. -_-

  • The model used for Katrina Hudson is the newcomer Willow Shields, who portrayed the role of Katniss Everdeen's younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, in the 2012 movie "The Hunger Games".
  • For fifth year and up, Kat's model is Victoria Secret model Erin Heatherton .
  • Actually, most of the relationship Katrina had with her family is based on the creator's relationships with her family members too, aside Dianna's because the creator does not have an older sibling.
  • The lick dare was all Tag Kildare's fault! *raises hands*

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