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Early Life

Keegan Matthew Soles was born on 17 Nov, 2059 in London, England to a pureblooded witch Martha Evelyn King, whom passed away during childbirth. Keegan's father Jonathan Marshall was a pureblooded wizard who had left Martha once he found out she was pregnant with his child. Jonathan was never seen or heard of again to anyone's knowlegee.

At two weeks old Keegan was adopted by a pureblooded family who could not have children, Andrew and Ellen Soles. The Soles decided that Keegan did not need to know that he was adopted, they opted that ignorance is bliss until absolutely necessary. On Keegan's fifteenth birthday they finally told the young boy about his parents and the adoption. Keegan didn't readily accept this information, instead he ran away for the rest of the holiday and his parents didn't see him until the day to return back to Hogwarts for school. This time was never discussed though they believe that he went in search of his biological father.

Once back at Hogwarts the Gryffindor began working hard in his studies and excelled, Keegan had already enjoyed learning but with a new reason to prove himself. His hard work payed off when time for the OWLS


Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Herbology: E

Defense Against The Dark Arts: O

Ancient Runes: E

Potions: E

Care of Magical Creatures: O

Astronomy: E

History of Magic: A


Ministry of Magic

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