Kenrick Muldoon


Kenrick Duncan Muldoon

Date of Birth

22nd November 2055

Blood Status


House Affiliation



Graduating class of '74


5'11", average build






12 ½", pine, dragon heartstring, rigid



Kenrick Duncan Muldoon was born on the 22nd November 2055 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently works for the Daily Prophet as a Journalist (Summer 2081 - Present) and lives in London. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was sorted into Slytherin house, and graduated with the class of 2074. Kenrick has one son, Spencer Kuznetsov-Muldoon, born 1st May 2086, and shares parental responsibilities with his ex-fiancée Pandora Kuznetsova.

Personality and Key Characteristics

Kenrick is a very quiet individual, especially for someone in his line of work. A man of few words, he prefers to keep his ears open and his mouth shut, speaking only when absolutely necessary in as few words as possible. He is a little more open around family and very close friends... if he were to have close friends, that is.

Aside from being quiet, Kenrick also has a rather stern demeanor. But though he seems rather uptight, this is perhaps little more than a side-effect of his quietness; Kenrick does occasionally enjoy winding people up, though being dragged into others' silliness is not really his idea of fun. Because of this, and other reasons, Kenrick has been affectionately(?) labelled a bit of a grump, though with the birth of his son has lightened up a little, (not that he wants anybody to know that). He has never been heard to raise his voice. Kenrick silently judges everyone, though is smart enough to keep those judgements firmly to himself.

A long-time writer, Kenrick often likes to roam the streets of Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and other wizarding areas in order to blend into the background and eavesdrop in the hope of discovering a new story, or even just useful information. He is a strong Ministry supporter, but is wary and critical of the way Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is run. This is in no doubt influenced by his own experiences as a student at the school.

While not exactly a people-person, Kenrick has a tendency to want to get to know everyone, mostly born of a desire to know as much as he can about what is going on in the world so that he might be able to write about it and, by extension, earn a hefty paycheck. He tries to forge connections with as many people in as many places as possible, but his sense of self-preservation keeps him far from danger (as long as he can help it) and away from writing risky articles.

History and Early Life

Kenrick is the pureblood son and only child of Seonaid Ferrier and Barberus Muldoon, who met while they were both students at Hogwarts. Both Seonaid and Barberus were members of Slytherin house and in the same year, and so took a lot of the same classes together. They began a relationship in their fifth year of school, and, as is not uncommon in the magical community, were engaged and living together within a few months of graduating. They married less than a year later, and shortly thereafter Seonaid became pregnant.

Kenrick was born on the 22nd November 2055, in Edinburgh, Scotland. There was never any doubt that Kenrick was magical; he came from pureblood lineage and showed signs of magic from a very early age. Kenrick was very quiet, even as a small child, and very particular. When things didn't go his way, he would soon become sulky and bad-tempered, and cause toys or other (sometimes a lot more valuable) items to go flying across the room in displays of accidental magic. He would often be moody and sullen around people he didn't know, and extended family, though when just with his parents Kenrick would be more amiable.

Rather than attend a Muggle primary school, Kenrick was tutored with a small group of other wizarding children. By the time he was eight years old, his father had instead decided to get him a private tutor to work with him on a one-to-one basis, feeling that this would be more beneficial to his future academic success. Kenrick still socialised with other children, but spent most of his time in the family home, usually reading. Being a quiet and astute child, he soon began to pick up on friction between his mother and father. As he got older, their marital problems became more pronounced, but Kenrick, following his parents' example, never mentioned anything about it. His parents, for their part, attempted to make things work for Kenrick's sake, though things would inevitably become more difficult once he left for Hogwarts.


First Year

Just like every Muldoon before him, Kenrick received his Hogwarts letter at around age 11 and began attending the school shortly thereafter. He was sorted into Slytherin, the same House as both his parents, a decision the Hat did not take long to make. He soon made a solid group of friends from his House, who he stuck with mostly out of convenience. It didn't take long for Kenrick to discover that the people he began to overhear talking about Hogwarts craziness were absolutely right, as in his first year alone he witnessed strange behaviour of half the staff; namely the way they seemed to mentally regress into children. Kenrick was unnerved, but decided that no harm would surely come to him as long as he kept his head down and did not go poking his nose into any dangerous situations, no matter how much he wanted to know about what was going on.

Second Year

This theory (along with Kenrick's patience) was soon tested during his second year, when the school began to flood, starting in the dungeons and, of course, the Slytherin Common Room. Ousted from his home and having to share living quarters with the Gryffindors, Kenrick found himself a bitter at the circumstances. It wasn't that he had a problem with Gryffindors, but more to do with the fact that he resented being forced out the place he called home, almost drowning, losing a lot of his possessions to the floods (no matter how temporary it ended up being), and getting caught up in Hogwarts crazy despite his best efforts not to. He had very little interest in helping in the efforts discover the cause of the issue (which he later found to be something merpeople-related) or help fix it. The werewolf attack at the end of the year, far from worrying Kenrick, had the thirteen year old further annoyed by the apparent danger that Hogwarts students seemed to constantly be in. By the time he was on the train on the way home for summer after, he found he was approximately three thousand levels of done with Hogwarts, and he still had five years of schooling to go.

Third Year

Kenrick's third year was, therefore, a trying time, what with multiple students being killed off. The fact that they were all Hufflepuffs did little to reassure him that HE was not in danger, and so Kenrick at last plucked up the courage to write home and ask that his father pull him out of school and get him a private tutor, and perhaps send him to a different school the following year. At first, Barberus refused on the grounds that it was a Muldoon family tradition to attend Hogwarts for the full seven years, but reassured his son that he would be contacting the school and the Ministry and threaten to take action. Kenrick didn't know what kind of action was being threatened, but he knew for sure that it made no difference. After a professor was attacked in his own office, Kenrick wrote home yet again, but this time his father responded with the news that he and Seonaid were having problems (the first time it had ever been openly mentioned to him), and thought it best that Kenrick stay at Hogwarts where he wouldn't have to witness any of the unpleasantness at home. Kenrick was upset by the news, though not necessarily surprised, knowing what he knew of his parent's strained marriage. He didn't write home again for the rest of the year, and began devoting his time to writing in journals, mostly observations and documenting his time and the goings-on at Hogwarts (he has kept hold of these journals, but never let another living soul read them).

Kenrick waited out the remainder of the term somewhat anxiously, both because he was hoping to survive the year at school, and because of the possibility of what situation might greet him when he returned home. Shortly before it was time to go home for summer, his parents met with Kenrick in Hogsmeade and he got the news he'd been expecting, but dreading: they were getting a divorce. Though very upset, he took the news stoically, made arrangements as to where he would live in the future, and went on to finish the remainder of the school year with no more outward complaint. The news that things would be changing at Hogwarts did very little to lift Kenrick's spirits; he'd noticed the Headmaster's disappearance and was no longer surprised by the constant risk that being at Hogwarts seemed to entail.

Fourth Year

Over the summer, Kenrick moved from Scotland, where his mother's side of the family resided, down to London with his father. As he spent most of his time at Hogwarts, the plan was that he would live with Barberus during school breaks, but visit Seonaid often and see her every Hogsmeade weekend. After the split, Kenrick became even quieter, preferring to keep to himself, and expressing his thoughts and opinions through his writing. He began the practice of submitting anonymous articles to the Daily Prophet, the Quibbler, and other publications, mostly decrying the running of Hogwarts. The Quibbler was the only one to publish any of these, which satiated him somewhat, despite the low opinion most had for the magazine.

Kenrick returned to Hogwarts for his fourth year feeling cautiously optimistic; at the end of the previous term there had been plenty of changes announced, and he felt hopeful that this may mean a safer school. This hope turned out to be completely misguided, as soon enough a bunch of students began showing up with strange and serious injuries, with no memory as to how they got them. Once again, Kenrick did his best to keep his head down and his thoughts to himself, keeping an ear out for any information as to what was going on but never going out of his way to find trouble. The more strange things he heard about, the more frustrated Kenrick became, but still he devoted his time to his writing and, now that they'd caught his attention, girls.

Towards the end of the year, Kenrick ended up in the Hospital Wing after accidentally poisoning himself with a botched potion in Potions class. He was in there only for a short while, but long enough (he was relieved to find out) to miss the action in the school as a battle commenced between a bunch of Imperiused students and the rest of the school. Kenrick learned all the gory details later, after the drama had all died down and he himself had been released from the Healer's care. The entire fiasco only served to increase his distrust of the school, and he wondered why people weren't lining up at the gates to pull their children out of Hogwarts.

Fifth Year

Convinced his father would now see reason, Kenrick asked him again if he could transfer out of Hogwarts and instead go to Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, or get a private tutor, but it seemed he was still fighting a losing battle. Barberus would not consider such a drastic change in schooling with Kenrick so close to his important OWL exams, and was also very much still determined to stick to tradition when it came to Hogwarts. Kenrick's mother would also not hear suggestions of him going abroad to school, with Hogwarts being so conveniently located for visits. Nevertheless, Kenrick managed to strike a deal with both parents (albeit reluctantly on their part), that if there were anymore crazy happenings at the school, he would be allowed to leave after his OWLs and continue his education elsewhere.

As it turned out, this deal turned out not to be necessary. For the first time since starting there, Kenrick had a reasonably quiet year at Hogwarts, with none of the usual craziness to be found. And just as well, too, as Kenrick had a lot on his plate with his OWL study, as well as his on-off girlfriend, Pandora Kuznetsova, a Ravenclaw from the year below who had transferred from Durmstrang that term. Ultimately, his fifth year passed by peacefully, much to his surprise and pleasure, and he took his OWLs with as few distractions as possible.

Sixth Year

After achieving decent OWL grades and having a quiet year at Hogwarts, there was little reason for Kenrick to leave the school, and so he returned for his sixth year. He was hopeful that Hogwarts was starting to calm down by this point, and knowing he only had two years left of schooling was something of a relief. However, when term began, Kenrick was dismayed to find out that Hogwarts would that year be the host school of the Triwizard Tournament, and that Quidditch (which Kenrick enjoyed watching as much as the next kid) was cancelled for the year. He was very aware of the kinds of things that could happen in these tournaments, and made the decision to steer well clear, electing not to put his name forward despite being old enough to enter.

Despite his misgivings about the tournament, it was difficult to avoid getting swept up in the excitement of the tasks and all of the traditions. Kenrick went along with his friends and classmates to watch the tasks, writing about them and the visiting students in his journals. He developed a tendency to eavesdrop on the Durmstrang students, who were sharing the Slytherin Common Room, in an attempt to discover more about them and their school without actually talking to them, a practice which would come in handy later in life when he would make a living writing articles and snouting about for information. By the end of the year, even with the potentially dangerous tournament being held, the year passed largely without any crazy incidents, and Kenrick returned home in one piece and reasonably happy.

Seventh Year

Kenrick's only goals for this year were to get through the school term alive enough to graduate, and to achieve a decent amount of NEWTs. From the off he was on guard about possible happenings in the school; the nagging suspicion that they were 'due' for some craziness, as well as the addition of the mysterious Ikenna Gevrik to the Hogwarts staff, made him feel uneasy. As ever, Kenrick kept as far from any potential trouble as possible, focusing instead on his NEWT studies, though his rocky relationship with Pandora as well as hearing strange whispers and rumours around the school served as occasional distractions. Aside from his exams, Kenrick was also determined to get into journalism, and applied to university as well as continuing the practice of submitting articles to various wizarding publications.

It soon transpired, however, that the NEWT exams that Kenrick had been studying so hard for were to be cancelled that year, along with the OWLs. This caused a big problem for Kenrick, as he needed the grades for university, and the only reason he was attending Hogwarts was to get those NEWTs. Upset, and unsure of what to do, he wrote to his father who became furious and immediately contacted the powers that be. But no amount of letter writing would get the exams reinstated, so in the end Kenrick did what many others in his year did, and arranged to take his NEWTs externally at the Ministry immediately upon leaving Hogwarts. When the time finally came to take the exams, Kenrick did as well as he could have hoped and got himself a decent set of NEWT grades, including all those he needed to get into Wizarding University.

Kenrick graduated mercifully unscathed by the Hogwarts experience, but incredibly critical of it. The bitterness and distrust he had developed at and toward the school had by this point been firmly ingrained, and ended up being the basis of his judgement of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for many years to come.


Immediately after receiving his NEWT grades, Kenrick accepted a place at Wizarding University, Edinburgh Campus, on a Journalism/Literature studies course. While there he wrote for several student publications, as well as picking up jobs as a freelance manuscript proofreader for various publishing companies as a way of making a little money. Before even graduating, Kenrick had also made a name for himself as a freelance writer for a number of wizarding publications, which he kept up once his time at University was at an end.

By now, Kenrick's kinda-sorta girlfriend Pandora had also graduated, and was keen to travel. The two did this together, touring wizarding communities all over the world as well as doing some muggle sight-seeing, with Kenrick continuing to write articles. This arrangement lasted a surprisingly long time, given the pair's track record of such an on-off relationship. They had always had personalities that clashed (with Pan being very carefree, weird, a bit of a wild child, and totally "hippy dippy" in a fiery sort of way, and Kenrick being... well... Kenrick), which led to many break-ups, but ultimately with some kind of inevitable attraction bringing them back together. This time, when the pair split, Pandora continued travelling and embarked on a search for the Blibbering Humdinger, while Kenrick (convinced that the only Blibbering Humdinger in the world was the woman he'd just parted from), returned to London to settle down and find work.

Kenrick spent a couple of years living in a cheap flat in muggle London (a little detail he left out when communicating with his mother's side of the family), just about making ends meet with the money he earned from his freelance articles. In the Spring of 2081 he submitted an article to the Daily Prophet, but shortly thereafter heard that the newspaper was looking for a new writer to take on a more permanent role. He jumped at the chance to apply for a job there, and by the Summer of 2081, at the age of twenty-five, Kenrick was writing for the Prophet full-time.

Now that he had a proper job and something that passed for financial stability, life suddenly became a little more pleasant for Kenrick, and he found himself much more comfortable. The work was good (a big bonus was the occasional opportunity to write his own opinions in articles about Hogwarts, knowing that people would read and agree with him, such was the influential power of being a Daily Prophet writer), and the pay even better (enough that he could afford a more up-market place to live). Within a couple of years, Pandora had returned from her travels, and she and Kenrick predictably got back together yet again. This time, spurred on by his secure and independent life, Kenrick proposed and the two made plans to marry. This, unsurprisingly, was an arrangement that did not last, and their plans never came to fruition. After only two months of engagement, they broke it off once more. This time, Kenrick and Pandora agreed that they were not meant for each other in any sort of romantic capacity, nor did they feel they were meant to be life partners in any way. They agreed to remain friends and resumed a casual relationship, no strings attached. After that, they got along much better than ever before, aside from the occasional and predictable butting of heads when their personalities clashed.

With Kenrick's life more settled, things continued on in much the quiet, steady way he'd always yearned for. Between researching and writing for the Prophet, occasionally seeing Pandora, and keeping in touch with Derry and Hamish, a couple of his favourite cousins from his mother's side of the family, Kenrick considered his days as busy as they needed to be and plenty fulfilled. Though he had plans to someday look for someone to settle down and have children with, this was a possibility that he wasn't going to think about for at least five years.

So it was a huge surprise when Pandora revealed in the first few days of 2086 that she had recently discovered she was pregnant, and that Kenrick was the father. Kenrick was stunned to say the least, and kept the news very quiet at first. The baby was due to be born in the first week of June, which gave him a little time to think about how to tell his family. He told both his mother and father but swore them to secrecy when it came to telling the extended family. Though the Muldoons were very accepting, the Ferriers would not be so happy that Kenrick had fathered a child with a half-blood witch he was not even in a committed relationship with, and that the child would be born out of wedlock. He expected to have more time to think up a way to break the news, but when Pandora went into labour a month early, that sort of ruined that plan.

On the 1st May 2086, Kenrick's son, Spencer Kuznetsov-Muldoon, was born. Kenrick and Pandora both decided they would share the parenting responsibilities equally, and Kenrick was quite happy with the arrangement that he could take Spencer while Pandora went off on her "crazy jaunts". He continued to avoid the task of informing the extended family, other than a few select cousins, but eventually news got out. Kenrick has managed to steer clear of certain members of his extended family in an effort to avoid conflict, and has since resumed his happy and busy life, though it is now much busier and much happier with the addition of his infant son. Though Spencer may not have been planned, Kenrick dotes on him and loves his "little surprise" more than he ever believed possible.


OWL Results Grade
Ancient Runes E
Arithmancy A
Astronomy E
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Herbology A
History of Magic O
Potions A
Transfiguration O
NEWT Results Grade
Ancient Runes A
Charms O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
History of Magic O
Potions A
Transfiguration E