Kris Airlia, a pureblood witch, was the Potions Mistress and Slytherin Head of House at Hogwarts.

Early History

Airlia was sorted into Ravenclaw at age eleven. She attended Hogwarts at the same time as the father of the famous Harry Potter. One of the most intelligent students in her year, she excelled in potions and charms. When she finished her education at Hogwarts, she became a healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies.

Although she wasn’t involved in the first fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort, she was inducted into the Order of the Phoenix after his return to power. During this second war, Airlia played a crucial role for the Order, working closely with Severus Snape, to brew complex potions to aid the other members in their duties. Airlia and Snape developed a close relationship during their long hours together, eventually leading to strong feelings developing on her part. However, before she had a chance to declare herself, one of Snape's Death Eater cohorts attacked Snape as a traiter.

A duel ensued, Snape was wounded, and as the man raised his wand and incanted the Killing Curse, Airlia leapt in front of him. She died instantly and Snape was able to escape with his life. Unable to bear being parted from him, Airlia remained as a ghost, haunting Snape to the end of his days. After his passing, she could be found haunting his gravesite. She returned to Hogwarts as Potions Master and Ravenclaw House Ghost at the request of the late Headmistress Loryen.

Second Life

After Airlia was returned to her physical body by use of the Draught of Ephemera, she continued her stint as Potions Master. Instead of acting as Ravenclaw House Ghost, Headmaster Hendrik appointed her Head of Slytherin House.

After the Ministry sent a passel of professors to discover what had happened with the Book of Mysteria and Voldemortist's attack on Hogwarts, several professors were restricted to their quarters and eventually imprisoned in the school. Because of Airlia's advanced age, she was unable to stand these harsh conditions, and the woman died once again. This time, her spirit passed on.

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