Toadstool large


Originally native to Great Britain, these feisty little toadstools can now be found worldwide.


The average Leaping Toadstool may grow between three and four inches in height. They are often noticed for their robust and rounded stem, which is necessary for them to keep their balance whilst leaping. Don’t be fooled, while they are one of the smaller varieties of toadstools they do pack a punch if you happen to be too close to it when it decides to go leaping. The cap is a vibrant shade of reddish brown and is disproportionate to the stem of the toadstool- the stem being larger.


Leaping Toadstools are rated 2, somewhat interesting.

Care Of

First and foremost it is important when growing Leaping Toadstools to provide them with enough space to move about. These feisty toadstools do not appreciate cramped spaces. They grow best when they are provided with ample room, ample sunlight and moisture. And believe me if it’s not provided for them then they will go in search of it themselves. They acquire all their nutrients from decaying foliage and rotting tree stumps, but they do well with an occasional sprinkling of dragon dung fertiliser- if you can catch them. Leaping Toadstools are happy to grow in and amongst other plants whether they are in greenhouses, in gardens or in forests.


Leaping Toadstool juice is sometimes used in energy drinks, providing witches and wizards the energy they require to leap through their day.

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