Leonard “Leo” Stark was born on the May 22, 2073 in London, England. He is currently a first year student at Hogwarts, in Gryffindor.

Leonard was born to his muggle mother, Marie Di Angelo (née Stark), his father having left his mother before he was born. He is unaware of this, but his father was a wizard. Due to his father leaving his mother, he hates him even though he hasn’t met him and has sworn never to do that himself.

The oldest in his family he can be very mature for his age, and has been raised to act as a gentlemen towards women. However he can also be quite sarcastic and cheeky when he wants to be. He enjoys playing the guitar, something he taught himself as a child, and enjoys cooking and baking despite the criticisms from his step-father.

Early Life: 

Leonard’s father left his mother before he was born, so his first 2 years of life they lived with his grandparents in England while his mother continued her work as a teacher. However when he was 3, his mother started dating an Italian muggle by the name of Alberto, who she married a less than a year later. After the marriage he moved with them to Italy, where he and his mother learnt how to speak Italian. Occasionally strange things happened around Leonard, but his mother wasn’t worried. His step-father however never cared for him, and so never was aware of these things.

By the age of 5 his mother had twin daughters with her new husband, and originally Leonard was quite jealous but over time he came to accept him and maintained a close bond with his mother through helping her with things such as cooking and baking, and also through learning the guitar and playing to her when he could. He also became helpful to her when she needed help with the twins.

Beginning elementary school Leonard had a lot of luck with quickly making friends, despite being shy at the beginning quickly warming up and generally being quite a charming person.

Within the next few years he had become the oldest of 8 children.


Marie had been expecting that her son’s Hogwarts letter would arrive, having been told about Hogwarts by his father when they were younger, though she never told her son about him. At the news that he would be going to a boarding school in England (which came while they briefly returned in order to stay with his grandma because she was sick) he was very excited, but also very nervous. He wasn’t really sure if he would be accepted because he knew nothing about magic. 

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