One of the more docile flesh-eating trees in the world, the Lightning Mystic is a curious piece of vegetation indeed. It has characteristic spiral leaves that are usually the length of its trunk. The bark is a whitish pink with yellow streaks mixed in. The cacophony of colour is thought to help it blend into its surroundings. Thought to be the cousin of a mangrove and a child of an experiment gone wrong, the Lightning Mystic traverses the salty seas until it reaches a distant sandy shore, whereupon its thousands of roots gouge into the soft soil. These trees do not travel so far from where they were spawned, however, and so most of these species can be found near a secluded island near New Zealand.

Killing Properties:

There have not been many human casualties up to this date, although when they happen the end result is not as gruesome as other deaths. The docility and mercifulness of this flesh-eating tree species is displayed in the way the Lightning Mystic eats its prey. First, the tree releases a hormone into the air, which causes its victim to fall into a listless stupor, which eventually turns into a deep slumber. As quickly as anything known to man and wizard kind, the Lightning Mystic rips its roots through the sand and reels in its prey to be devoured by some unknown means underneath the ground. This process happens so fast that Muggles have been known to have someone next to them snatched up without their realization.
The ‘mystic’ aspect of its name is, well, just a catchy end phrase that some person made up when this flesh-eating tree was discovered. If ever you want to catch a glimpse of this magnificent being, traverse to the coasts of New Zealand. You’ll be lucky if you ever come back.

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