Lintukoto Academy of Magic

Lintukoto Academy of Magic is a Finnish wizarding boarding school located in the Vallisaari Island near Helsinki, Finland. The school is located very close to the capital of Finland, making it easily accessible. The Vallisaari Island is known to muggles but not often visited, and the school is extremely well protected from the few who dare venture into the island.

For a basic five year magical education, Lintukoto only admits Finnish-born citizens who speak Finnish fluently. This five year education requires fives years of History, Literature, Numerology, Enchantments, Creatures and Beings, Potions, and six additional elective courses.

However, the school does welcome foreign students for post graduation programs. Some of these programs include Alchemy, Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, Maleficium, Elemental, Conjuration, and Magizoologism. For these and other programs, the academy also welcomes beings other than wizards and witches.

Lintukoto does not use the same house system as Hogwarts. The school is widely known for producing some of the best Necromancers and Thaumaturgists.

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