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Luna Kieren

Luna "LuLu" Anita Kieren was born in Ireland, April 4th, 2062. She was brought up with her grandparents; Anita and Jerrord Kieren until she was four years of age. Her parents took her away to England then, where she learned a lot about the wizarding lifestyle but still experienced the Muggle side of her family too. After both her parents died and her brother ran off to America to get married, Luna turned to her friends for comfort and support, and when she was ready she went to live with her grandparents again. Her grandparents had moved to England and built a new house in the meantime. She went to Hogwarts in 2073 and is currently there getting her proper wizarding education. LuLu is now entering her third year of Hogwarts is more than excited but has learned to be a little less childish at Hogwarts and has matured a bit. Not that she needed to, but still.

Early life

Luna lived in Ireland and prefered it to England since she was never pressured nor did she care about books or studies; just friends, family and her motto which of course all changed when she moved to England! Then her mum and dad put a bundle on her and her friends and family motto changed within a year she went to different schools, learned different languages and read books non-stop. She never had time for friends; her muggle talent was incredible but her wizarding studies weren't as strong. But to make amends, she put a lot of effort into her wizarding work and got back on track with the others! Soon she knew loads of spells, memorized a few easy books and was ready for Hogwarts! She figured out there that fitting in was important too and she'd need a few years to do so! So she decided that first she would focus on finding friends and after that she would be ready move on to her studies.

Hogwarts life

Her life at Hogwarts was quite simple and fun at times. In addition to this, Luna loved her classes, her friends and of course the spells! Despite all that, at times she felt lonely and left out when she loved her books just a little too much. But her other friends did too so they understood her longing for reading and writing!


Luna's best friend at Hogwarts is Ms Presley Black she picked her up when she was down and she understood her well. Her other friend that she admired was Rachel Chase; she was close to her before but Merlin knows what happened to that girl! LuLu also hangs out with firsties at times and lots of other people! Naming them all would take too long...


  • Father: Jamie Kieren (Dead)
  • Mother: Isabelle Kieren (Dead)
  • Brother: Danny Kieren
  • Sister: Lilly Kieren (Dead)
  • Grandfather: Jerrord Kieren
  • Grandmother: Anita Kieren

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