Luxembourg Quidditch Academy is a school located in the Northwestern part of the country. It strives for ambition, wisdom, valiance, and teamwork. The school was founded in the early 1700s, so its still relatively young, by Professional Quidditch players who wanted another outlet for students who weren't interested in academics, either by motivation or whatever the reason. They wanted to create an academy that would provide students a place to learn about what they wanted to learn about. To hone student's talents into the best they can be. To make a generation of new Quidditch players.

The School was typical of those built in the 1700s; stone castle, but only five stories high, each level housed members from one of the four teams that you were placed onto in your first year at the Academy. But each level didn't just have the dormitories for the players, but two classrooms were located on each level. On the ground level was simply the Headmaster's office and the dining hall, the latter which was something that every Quidditch Player could appreciate its importance.

On the second floor, you had the team of the brave and valiant: Vaillantherz. Along with classrooms of History of Magic and Quidditch History. The floor above led you to the house of the wise and logic: Sageherz. Two classrooms related to Charms were located on this floor; one was general a general charms, the other was associated with brooms. On the fourth floor, you had the team of the hardworking and teamwork: Fideleherz. The classrooms located on this level taught Strategics and Potions Specific to Broom Maintenance. The fifth and highest floor in the castle was home to those of perseverance and ambition: Ambitieuxherz. The classrooms on this floor were dedicated to General Transfiguration and General Quidditch.

Every player who ever attended the academy were mandated to rotate through each of the four positions every two weeks, in order for them to appreciate the other positions as well as make them better quidditch players. This was mandated up until their sixth year where they were allowed to choose a choice of up to two positions that they can 'focus' on. It was common for many students to even leave the Academy after their sixth years to take up positions on a Professional League.

Known students of the Academy (along with years they attended)

~ Aaron Rose, 2072 - 2077, Ambitieuxherz (Team Captain from 2074-77)

~ Lourdes Black , 2064-2066, Vaillantherz

~ Kimalia Fanster, 2078 - 2079, Ambitieuxherz

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