The Basics

  • Name: Lydia Loretta Mae
  • Nicknames: L2, Ly (pronounced Lee), Lydi
  • Age: 22 (as of '81)
  • Date of Birth: June 2nd, 2059
  • Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
  • Lives in: Milan, Italy
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Marital Status: It's.. complicated, but taken by Orlando Renaldi
  • Wand Type: Hazel, phoenix feather, 11 1/2 inches
  • Patronus: Unknown
  • Boggart: Unknown
  • Current Occupation:


  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight:  lbs.
  • Defining physical features:


Early History

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Life After Beauxbatons



  • Father: Scott Mae, Muggle (b. 2025)
  • Mother: Lorraine Mae nee Johnson, Pureblood (b. 2025)


  • Sister: Emmylyne Phoenix nee Mae-Saunders, Pureblood (b. 2042)
  • Brother: Nikolas Mae, Halfblood (b. 2044)
  • Sister: Regina Theodoric nee Mae, Halfblood (b. 2045)
  • Brother: Conner Mae, Halfblood (b. 2047)
  • Brother: Joseph Mae, Halfblood (b. 2050)
  • Sister: Savannah Mae-Diggory, Halfblood (b. 2050)
  • Sister: Madison Burwell nee Mae, Halfblood (b. 2051)
  • Adopted Brother: Phineas Mae, Squib (b. 2055)
  • Brother: Julian Mae, Halfblood (b. 2057)
  • Sister: Kaitlynnh Mae, Halfblood (b. 2057)
  • Twin Sister: Lissy Morris nee Mae, Halfblood (b. 2059)
  • Adopted Brother: Gabriel Mae, ? (b. 2060)
  • Brother: Edvardo Mae, Halfblood (b. 2067)
  • Sister: Lucianna Mae, Halfblood (b. 2067)
  • Brother: Johnathan Mae, Halfblood (b. 2067)


Lissy Morris

Gabriel Mae

Ariel Lombardi-Russo

Orlando Renaldi

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