DOB: November 22, 2028

Eye Color: Blue-green

Hair: Long, blonde

Skin: Light

Marital Status: Married

Children: Twin girls - Aislinn and Ailia (born Dec 2070)

House: Ravenclaw

Best Subjects: Arithmancy and Ancient Runes

Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic

Pets: Cat named Cranberry and an owl named Cartwright

Previous Occupation: Curse-breaker for Gringotts/Researcher

Hogwarts posts: Arithmancy and Ancient Runes Professor


Macadrian is a kind-hearted and fun-loving woman who appreciates family above all things. Extremely intelligent, observant, and wise, Macadrian perceives many things about people's personalities that even they are unaware of. Despite this insight, Macadrian also tends to be stubborn with very high expectations of her students, coworkers, family, and friends. She expects decorum and disciplined hard-work in her classroom and will not settle for anything less.


Macadrian was raised in a loving home with her pureblood father and half-blood mother and her two sisters. She had a moderate financial upbringing. Macadrian is a triplet, born second between her two sisters, with whom she is extremely close. During their time at Hogwarts, Macadrian and her sisters were each sorted into a different house, with Macadrian becoming a Ravenclaw, her "older" sister, Isabella, a Slytherin, and her "younger" sister, Adamaris, a Gryffindor. The lack of presence of Hufflepuff in Macadrian's life has left her feeling very distant with members of this house, a fact which will likely affect her teaching style. Despite the different houses, all three girls excelled in Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Divination and pursued careers as curse-breakers for Gringotts. Macadrian and her sisters spent 8 years working together, travelling throughout the world for their jobs, before Isabella decided she wished to marry and have children, thus leaving her job. Macadrian and Adamaris worked side-by-side for 7 more years until Macadrian was asked to assume the post of Arithmancy professor. She agreed to take the job so that she could educate young minds and complete her research on the number Nine.

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