Magical Fireworks


Makes fireworks that require no fire to be ignited



Brewing Time

2 hours



Magical Fireworks were taught by Potion Master Adam Dresden sometime during the 2064 - 2065 school year in Potions Class.


Magical fireworks do not require flames to be ignited, and are really little explosions of magic. Once created, they are much safer to use than their muggle equivalents


  • Water
  • Big handful of dried flakes of Salamander skin
  • One jalapeno pepper
  • A dash of sheep bile
  • 3 grains of salt
  • A tab or wick
  • Tissue paper (whatever colour you please)


  • Fill Cauldron with water
  • Bring it to a boil
  • Add dried flakes of Salamander skin
  • Dice and add the jalapeno pepper to your potion
  • Stir 13 times anti clockwise
  • Add a dash of sheep bile. This will make your potion turn gray and become the consistency of liquid concrete, so it will be harder to stir.
  • Add three grains of salt
  • Stir 4 times clockwise until malleable
  • Mould into any form you'd like
  • Put the tab or wick into the firework
  • Wrap it in the coloured paper
  • Enjoy your firework!


Potions Lesson 2; Term 15

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