Maidee McFarlane served as the Astronomy Professor (2070-71) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Name: Maidee Lette McFarlane

DOB: 10th Oct 2044
Hogwarts: 2055-2062
Marital Status: Single

Growing up in Scotland, Maidee was more likely to be found swimming along the bottom of the Ness, hunting for Nessie, and running around than to be studying, but as a Ravenclaw she was fairly smart, though it was usually in how to get out of trouble than anything people really found "important". That didn't matter to her, however, as she always knew she was bound for something great.

She got an internship at NASA in the United States a couple years early due to her fire and adventure, but was unable to pursue much more due to speculations on the part of her more jealous peers, and the rumor mongering that was the result of said speculations. After she returned home, she enjoyed her time running about and heard about the opening at Hogwarts.

Personality: She's usually bubbly and fun-loving, but when angered will explode (all that red hair and all)

Appearance: blue/green eyes, curly red hair and pale-white skin
Height: 5ft 5"
Hair: long, red, and curly
Eyes: blue/green

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