Look! A unicorn cloud!

Full Name

Maisie Juliet Auguste

Date and Place of Birth

1st November at 12:01 am in Paris, France

Place of Residence

The world is her home!


Half and half


Technically French but her mother is Scottish ...


"Impossible" is a word used only by people who can't use their imagination

Relationship Status


The Real Me

Amanda Seyfried



12 1/4 inches, Redwood wood, Unicorn Hair, surprisingly swishy


Not fully corporeal yet, but it looks like ... well, smoke


Enveloping darkness

Hogwarts House


Hogwarts Year


Physical Characteristics


Light green, almond-shaped


Light blonde, falls in waves to elbows


Pale, miraculously free of skin ailments


Petite and slender, in a willowy graceful way that reminds you of a ballerina


Fingers are spiders’ legs. Usually smiles only with her lips. Always carries a sketchpad and notebook.

Describe Maisie in a simple phrase? The type of person who sucks helium from balloons to hear her voice go squeaky


As you may have guessed, Maisie is a fun-loving girl whose sole aim in life is to get the most out of it, and is often described as quite eccentric. She is highly energetic and loves sports, but has a special love for ballet. The majority of her talent lies in art, and you will never see her without her sketchpad.

Maisie is very sweet-natured and is usually the one to break up fights rather than join in on them. She has a slowly-burning temper and will rarely snap or shout for no reason. However if severely provoked she can be very dangerous.



Maisie's passion in life is art. She loves any form of visual artistic expression from drawing to painting to sculpture.

Sports and Dance

Maisie is very energetic and loves anything that gets her moving. She especially likes Quidditch but is a bit of a bad flyer so probably won't try out for any house teams. She is good at gymnastics and can climb anything and everything like a monkey. She adores ballet and you can often see her practicing in the hallways between classes.

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