Marci is one of Abraham Botros grandchildren.

Marci Haneul Lee
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Date of Birth

7 - Jul - 2068

Blood Status







Madam Malkins Assistant


A huge dog, Billy









Fashion fanatic


  • Grandfather: Abraham Botros
  • Mother: Janet Botros
  • Father: Cheyenne Haneul Lee.

Brief Background

taken from Abraham Botros page

  • Janet is of Slytherin class of 2067, the youngest in the family and the one closest to Owen. Janet grew up heavily spoiled by her dad, she lacked all sense of responsibility. In school, Janet played Quidditch as well as her brother Owen (Chaser), but did not seek the sport professionally either. She was interested in potions and so she sought that out after graduation where she moved to Seoul campus and spent a year there before she got pregnant with her only daughter, Marci.
  • Marci's father is Janet's supervisor in WU, he tried going out with Janet after she got pregnant but the two of them were too different neither one offered any compromises for the relationship to work. Janet had her daughter in Seoul, ignoring Abraham's wishes in having her in Egypt with them, and with Cheyenne's help she took care of her for the remainder of her three years in college.
  • Upon graduation in 2071, Janet and Cheyenne went into a fierce legal fight over who gets to keep Marci that lasted two years with Marci going to live with her dad in Seoul and Janet going back to Egypt, heartbroken. Abraham holds a very strong objection to most of his daughter's life decisions, but he made sure to be there for her when she returned home. Now, Janet works in a potions store in Alexandria and tries to see her daughter as much as she can but Marci grew up away and does not comply with her mother's wishes.


  • Marci lived the majority of her childhood with her father and his family. Her mother was a brief existence in her life even though she was there for most of her early childhood.
  • She didn't go to Hogwarts but went to Mahoutokoro instead.


  • Upon graduation, she discovered her talents for producing cosmetics.
  • With her father's wealth, she was given plenty of money to try new projects; Marci tried living in London and worked for Madam Malkins then she quit and moved back and established a small company for cosmetics that sold well but then plummeted to bankruptcy.
  • Currently, she's working in the British Ministry of Magic, in the minister's office.

Love Life

  • Extravagant and romantic dates that only a handful resulted in second dates. Marci has proven to be impossible to satisfy so far.

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