Maria Brown is the daughter of Vanessa and Joel brown, two of Beauxbatons professors, and baby sister to three much older brothers. Born and raised in France, Maria now resides in England and is engaged to Landon Renaldi. She is a teacher for special wizarding children.

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The Basics

  • Name: Maria Vanessa Brown
  • Nicknames: Mars (from her brothers), Honey Bee ( from Landon Renaldi)
  • Age: 27 (as of '81)
  • Date of Birth: June 16th, 2054
  • Place of Birth: Marseille, France
  • Lives in: Sheffield, England
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Marital Status: Engaged to Landon Renaldi
  • Wand Type: Chestnut, Veela hair, 9 1/2 inches
  • Patronus: Fawn
  • Boggart: The ghost of someone she once knew
  • Current Occupation: Teacher


  • Hair color: Dark brain
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Defining physical features: A long, thin scar on the right side of her body that goes from about mid-rib cage, down to her waist.

In a way, Maria's appearance reflects her attitude. Always dressed neat and appropriately for the occasion, when she's not wearing work robes Maria can often be found in anything from dresses, to shorts or jeans and a nice blouse depending on the time of year. Because of her rather short height, heels are usually a must to complete an outfit. Her dark brown hair comes just to mid-back length, sometimes left down and curled at the bottom or pulled up into an elegant bun. Maria's naturally tan complexion is inherited from both her mother, and maternal grandfather; something she shares with her brothers as well.


Early History

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

(2065 - 2072)

School Attended: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (2065 - 2072) Strongest Subjects: Astronomy, DADA Weakest Subjects: Flying, Herbology Previous Occupation: DADA TA at Beauxbatons (2072 - 2074) Current Position: Space Chamber Specialist, Department of Mysteries

Life After Beauxbatons




  • Golden Retriever: Besos (male)
  • Golden Retriever: Bisous (male)
  • Golden Retriever: Baci (female)


  • Father: Joel Brown, ? (b. 2019)
  • Mother: Vanessa Brown nee Mae, ? (b. 2019)


  • Brother: Wilson Brown, Halfblood (b. 2040)
  • Sister-In-Law: Gwendolyn Brown nee Rieu, Halfblood? (b. 2041)
  • Brother: Roger Brown, Halfblood (b. 2042)
  • Sister-In-Law: Aria Brown nee Davis, Muggleborn (b. 2042)
  • Brother: Viktor Brown, Halfblood (b. 2047)
  • Sister-In-Law: Daniella Brown nee Ellis, Halfblood? (b. 2045)

Nieces & Nephews

  • Robbie Brown, Halfblood (b. 2066) - Roger's son
  • Nadia Brown, Halfblood (b. 2069) - Roger's daughter
  • Janessa Brown, Halfblood (b. 2072) - Wilson's daughter
  • Hudson Brown, Halfblood (b. 2072) - Viktor's son
  • Addison Brown, Halfblood (b. 2074) - Wilson's daughter
  • Liam Brown, Halfblood (b. 2077) - Wilson's son
  • Lauren Brown, Halfblood (b. ????) - Viktor's daughter


Nevaeh D.M Wallace

Alana Renaldi

Reginald Renaldi

Emery Renaldi

Orlando Renaldi

Aly something

Fun Facts

  • Each of Maria's three dogs names mean "Kiss" or "Kisses".  Besos (BEE-So) - Spanish, Bisous (Bee-Zoo) - French, and Baci (BAH-Chee) - Italian.

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