Maria Catalina Alexandria Charday

At First Glance...

Maria, or Mari, is a tiny neon-haired Italian with an attitude much bigger than her small frame.

She, although petite, is very hard to miss. Her short, layered, bright neon orange hair is a striking contrast to her pale skin and deep green eyes.

When she is first spoken to, Mariaalmost always comes of as a spoilt brat. But as you continue talking, she gradually lets her guard down, and she becomes a sweet, talkative individual for a love of fashion and make up has contributed in many fights with her older sister, Adrianna.

The People She Deals With...

Maria's mother, Catarina Charday (nee Ferguson), and her father, Jacob "Jake" Charday, divorced when Maria was still an infant. Maria moved wth her father to Venice, and she grew up in a secluded bubble.

Her father's side of the family put it mildly.

Her mother's however, was practically nonexistant. They never visited, they never wrote. Catarina seemed very...alone.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Teach us Something Please!

Maria went to Hogwarts for two terms only, being pulled out by her mother.

In her first term, Maria met Mikey Grainger, and they instantly hit it off, and only at their first meeting, he asked her out.

In her second term, she was devestated when Mikey left, and met Lorelai Vanderwalker, and after a conversation or two, they became hesitant friends.

But to be honest, Maria is glad to have left and glad to have gotten away from the drama of her family.

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