Marius Toussaint


Marius Sebastien Toussaint

Date of Birth

February 12, 2075

Blood Status



Durmstrang Institute


Bastien, Bast, Basty


10 ¼ inch solid Ebony with Knarl Quill



Marius Sebastien Toussaint, is the eldest son of Ellsworth Toussaint (nee Bott) and Robert Toussaint. Born on the twelfth of February in 2075, he was raised in Tallinn Estonia with his younger sisters Katherine and Annaliese. Sebastien is more commonly referred to by his middle name. He is the eldest grandchild on his Bott side of the family with multiple cousins on his Toussaint side. Currently he attends Durmstrang Institute as a sixth year student. He is Captain of the combat team, and a high ranking member of the dueling club.


Early Life

He was born. Loads other things happened.

Personality and Interests

More things go here.

Physical Appearance

Bastien is graced with physical features that make him appear younger than he actually is. Baby faced with Bott blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair, it is only his height of 6'2 that give away any hints of his age. He's more lean for one so involved in physical fitness, but well toned, which can be deceiving as to what his actual physical strength may be. A lifetime of combat and dueling training has left him with a few permanent scars on various locations on his body. In his younger days he couldn't be bothered with tidying his hair, though it always managed to look neat and his mother made sure to cut it before it grew out past his eyes. Now Bast goes lengths to making sure his hair is neatly styled and kept short, though by the end of the day it always ends up windswept from his constant running around.

He has a great appreciation for fashion, collecting hats and always making sure that when he's not wearing his school robes or combat gear, he's looking his best. No ripped jeans or old graphic tees for this Tousaint, he prefers name brands and looking neat. When he's with the elders of his family (i.e. anyone that's an adult) he's dressed to the nines, but he relaxes into a preppy jock sense of style when he's with his friends or out on his own. He loves accessories, and can always been spotted with a hat on his head and some form of jewelry. When his hair is kempt, and he's dawning attire that is at least semi-formal, Bast looks like the spitting image of his uncle, Dell Bott.

Combat and Dueling



Immediate family

Robert Toussaint


Ellsworth Bott Toussaint


Katherine Toussaint


Annaliese Toussaint



Rula Botros

best friends

Chloe Newman


Aslan Evans


Tim Kyle


Jessa Cambridge

close friend

Tallie Greyson

close friend

Oskar Imago

deadly friend

Clara Newman


Maxwell Van Hutton


Stevie Crenshaw


Noelle Summers


Yura Palov


Maximilian Lovecraft


Jodiann Wright

flirty friend

Roberta Baltazar


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