Name: Melanie Charington
Nicknames: Mel
Age: 31
Date of Birth: November, 17th 2044
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
Blood Status: Pureblood
Patronus: Ring-tailed Lemur
Relationship status: Single
Former Occupation: Madam Malkin's Shopkeeper Assistant
Hogwarts House: Slytherin


Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Brief Background/History

The Charingtons are a rather wealthy family who have never felt the need to worry about if they could afford something or not. They just bought it, completely irrelevant of the price. Each and everyone of the Charingtons had been in Slytherin so it came as no surprise that Melanie has been sorted into Slytherin as well. Although both of her parents can not exactly be considered being huge “Muggle-Fans” they tolerate them and furthermore, none of the Charington family has ever been involved in any of Voldemort’s actions. Apart from some far distant step-uncle of Melanie’s grandmother who was declared as not part of the family anymore as soon as he was sent to Azkaban for murdering a young Muggle family.

Melanie’s parents, Amber and Justin, feared after some time that their - up to that point - only daughter would get too spoilt - as she was already showing every possible sign of turning out to be a completely spoilt little brat - they decided to have a second child, Jesse, even though there now was a fourteen year gap between them. Unfortunately, it was a bit too late for Melanie to change her behavior, however it did dampen her way of thinking the world only revolved around her a bit.


Melanie has always been a very popular girl at Hogwarts and is thus quite used to a lot of people surrounding her, so it is quite likely that she is taken aback if that’s not the case. That is also the reason Melanie used to act a bit arrogantly towards certain people at times which has lessened more and more, though, since she had started working at the Apparition Test Center on Level 6. Although she has got everything to be "clichéd" as stupid, namely money, looks and blonde hair, she’s not. Melanie had among only a few others some of the best grades in her year at Hogwarts.

Concerning her likes and dislikes, Melanie is pretty scared of everything creature-y, which is also mainly the reason she absolutely hated Care of Magical Creatures in school. Therefore, her owl and the occasional cat or half-kneazle are the only animals she dares to get near to.
As a child, and also including most of her years at Hogwarts, she has been really fond of Greek Mythology, always reading books about it in secret, anxious about other people finding out about this rather special, atypical habit of hers.

Ismene - pitch-black owl
Misty - Chihuahua

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