Melbourne Annika Johanson

Given Name:

Melbourne Annika Johanson

Place of Birth:

Melbourne, Australia


Mel, Melon, Burn, Burny, Burns, & more

Date of Birth:

April 1st, 2077



Hogwarts Start Date:

September 1st 2088

Hogwarts House:


Hogwarts Year:


The Early Years

Melbourne Anika Johanson was born to Lilian Johanson (nee Darling-Williams) and Carter Johanson.  Two avid animal lovers and magizoologists.  She is the youngest daughter of a family consisting of five kids and numerous animals.  Mel at the young age of two moved from Melbourne, Australia, to Witherslack Cumbria, UK.  Being young she didn't lose many friends in the move.

Melbourne (pronounced Melburnn) can be dramatic, over bearing, and possibly psychotic. Enjoy her.


Coming soon

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