: Meredith Leigh Brooks-Byron
Date of Birth: February 9th 2034
Age: 33+
Years attended Hogwarts: She didn't attend Hogwarts. Meredith went to a large wizarding school in the deserts near Vegas away from Muggle eyes.
Hogwarts Staff Position: Healer/Nurse
Previous Occupation(s): Merry's been a little bit of everything from magician's assistant to back up singer. Mostly healer at the hospital her mom works at.

Eye Color: Green with a little bit of brown
Hair: Brown, long and wavy
Height: 5’6”
Marital Status: Single

Personality: Merry is a big city girl all the way. She's grown up in Vegas all her life and has thrived on the excitement of traffic and crowds. Merry has an outgoing personality and tends to not shy away from anything. She has a strong work ethic and cares alot about people and is usually a happy person with an odd sense of humor if so inclined.

History: Meredith grew up in Vegas and attended a wizarding school in the deserts of Vegas away from muggles eyes. Her father is a lawyer and her mother was a healer. Her best subjects have always been potions, transfiguration and Defense against the dark arts. She graduated top of her class and followed in her mother's footsteps as a healer. Merry worked alongside her mother for several years until deciding that she had had enough of her shadow and wanted to do more on her own. Healing was all she had ever done but she wanted a change and held several temporary jobs in the downtown Vegas area and became a part of many acts and shows. Backup singing and magicians assistant are just a couple of jobs she held. She ran a couple of blackjack tables and found she can be a bit of a card shark.

A friend of her father told him about the open position at Hogwarts and he mentioned it to his wife. Merry's mother wasn't interested in changing locations, but Merry was. She had never been to Europe and was excited as to what opportunities would befall her. She's looking forward to the new school and healing again.

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