Said to be one of the more beautiful type of toadstool in existence, the Mermaid’s Tail lives up to its legend. Myth and rumour has it that there was a lovely merprincess who lived under the sea in a golden palace that filled the sea with light. Every day a band of merpirates would sail by in a decrepit algae ridden seven-mast ship and then her merpeople would hide in their coral houses in fear. But she alone would rejoice, as her lover, the most handsome of the lot, would stop and give her the trophies of his latest conquests. One day he gave her a beautiful sea flower to represent their love. But unfortunately, he perished in a fight later that very day. The princess, wrought with grief, went to a sorceress to find a way to heal her pain. However, the sorceress had been secretly jealous of the princess’s love and thus took advantage of this opportunity, transforming the princess into a toadstool. Yet the princess’s beauty remained immortalized and to this day, marine biologists are amazed at the beauty of such a thing.


The Mermaid’s Tail is an aquamarine blue. It has an unusually long stalk ribbed with opaque stripes that are able to reflect underwater light. The fringes of its cap are nearly translucent and if one looks closely, one would be able to see light blue coloured filaments within. The cap itself is disproportionately large. Many small sea creatures have been known to find shelter underneath the Mermaid Tail’s cap.


Mermaids Tail is rated 2, somewhat interesting.


This toadstool grows wherever the sunlight hits the sand, preferable near coral and other sources of marine life.


There is no official medicinal use of this toadstool. There has been a theory that it has the magical property of alleviating broken hearts. This has yet to be proven. In coastal cultures, Muggles unknowing consume thousands of pounds of this toadstool as part of their normal diet. The taste is slightly salty with a hint of a sweet papaya aftertaste. Relatively easy to come by, the price of the Mermaid’s Tail is extremely affordable.

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