Killing Properties:

One of the rarest specimens of flesh-eating trees in the world is the Midnight Magnolia. This wicked sibling of the Magnolia tree derives its name from its dark blackish purple blossoms, which bloom only under the shining beams of moonlight. This tree feasts upon small birds and mammals, devouring everything from sparrows to pigeons to garden gnomes. When one of these unknowing little animals happens to get too close, the snapping branches quickly ensnare their prey and guide it to the mouth of the tree. You can find the mouth located on the trunk below the crook of the branches.
It was once common to hear legends involving these trees, luring small children near and then devouring them. These stories are false. The trees do not like the flavour of human flesh. It is believed these stories were created by witches and wizards trying to protect their valuable trees or enchanted tree forts from harm.


The Midnight Magnolia is one of the most beautiful varieties of flesh eating trees. The dark iridescent purple and black flowers are quite striking against the pale green foliage. This is a highly sought after tree; those that do possess these trees, guard them and seedlings viciously. The scarceness of these trees increases the value, and any chance to buy one will usually only be found in highly questionable black magic markets. The Midnight Magnolia gives off a musky honey like fragrance, both sweet and spicy.
This particular variety is one of the smallest of the flesh eating trees you will come across. Growing to an average height of between 6-8 feet tall. They do tend to grow best in full sunlight and thrive when able to bask under the moon at night. The pleasant aroma and breath taking appearance would make the perfect complement to any wizarding family's enchanted garden. Do not pass up the chance to own one of these rare treasures should the opportunity ever arise. Although you may want to keep any small family pets away from it.

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