Millie, age 18

"Well that's about as useful as a chocolate teapot"

Millie Caitlyn Abigail McGhee (called Mill by Chase Underwood and only him, any one else will get slapped) first graced the world with her precence on the 24th of June in the year of 2057 at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast of Northern Ireland. She's muggleborn so she of course attended muggle primary schools but then attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for 6 years of her magical education before transferring to Hogwarts for her last year. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, for reasons unknown, and has worked in a muggle bookstore, an ice creamery, and her job at the moment is a singing act at a muggle restaurant/cafe/thing. She's only ever had one thing that she's ever wanted to be since she was little, a better mother than her's had been to her. She's never told anyone that and doesn't plan on it until she's on her deathbed which, hopefully, won't be any time soon. But it seems her dream may come true a little earlier than expected for she's now pregnant, and not particularly happy about it, not that she doesn't want the kid, she's just scared.

Early Life

Although Millie was born in Belfast she moved to a small home in Niort, France with her mother. She never knew her father and has never wanted to, for she knows that her mother found out she was pregnant and ran away from her father, even though her mother would never admit to it sober. Whether her father was magic or not she'll never

Millie age 2

Millie, age 2

know but she knows her mother is not so she just says she is muggleborn. Ever since she was little she was taught two launguages, French and English. Her mother taught her English and paid the next door neighbour to teach her French so when Millie was old enough to attend school she would be able to talk to both her mother and class mates. Millie learned from a young age that her mother was not like other women, she wasn't as nice and liked lots of different men, even those that were not single, but all the same it was her mother so she put up with it. So she learned that the world was unfair at the age of four, of course, that wasn't how she put it at that age, she actually said "some people are luckier than me but that's okay. I have a teddy, and other people don't" when her mother was recovering from a late night out. Another thing about Millie and her mother, they only shared a 16 year age difference but Millie's mother had not retreated to her parents like Millie would have, she wanted to prove that she could do something right, but in Millie's most humble and 16 year old opinion, she failed miserably.

Millie had no siblings but by the time she was five she counted her mother as a bit of a little sister, when she was five she started taking a bit of care of her mother who, at the time was on a downward spiral into depression. She learnt the many uses of both the telephone and the phone book, even though her mother insisted that she didn't need help, just needed to go out for a little bit. This was also when Millie started school, so she tried to help her mother take her mind off things by asking her to help out with her homework. It usually worked, because her mother had to stay sober enough to help her only daughter. By the time Millie was 6 she had mastered the art of making grilled cheese sandwiches and had made a group of friends at her school, her closest friend being Masie Jones who would sometimes invite her over for the weekend when Millie's mum went away so she wouldn't be home alone. She had another very close friend by the name of Casey Luient who was very out going and ended up betraying the group and Millie when they were ten and in year five.

Aunt Nola's Wedding

In February of the year she would turn seven she and her mother were invited to a wedding. Not an ordinary wedding either, her Aunt Nola's wedding who had a son both of whom Millie had never heard of or met. So she was both angry at her mother for not telling her about any of her family and excited to meet her family. Although her mother refused to go, Millie wrote an email to her Aunt Nola reading

Dear Nola,
First of all I would like to say congratulations on your marriage, I'm very happy for you, your husband-to-be and your son. You may not know who I am but I'm your sister (Alisha)'s only child Millie Caitlyn Abigail McGhee. My mother does not wish to come to your wedding for reasons she wouldn't share with me, but I would love to come so I was wondering if I could be permitted to attended by myself. On the invitation it says that your wedding is to be in Coulon which isn't too far from where I live in Niort. Please respond soon.
Love, Millie.

Her aunt responded with a heart felt email saying that it would not be nessicary fro Millie to travel alone through Niort for her grandma Chloe and grandpa Jack would be driving through there a week prior to the wedding and would be more than happy to pick her up along the way and drop her back a day after the wedding. Her mother seemed to have no problem with this as long as she didn't have to go. So a few weeks later Millie was meeting her grandparents for the first time. She honestly couldn't understand why her mother didn't want to see them, they were absolutely darling. Millie and her grandma had a long conversation about how her mother had been, Millie didn't mind talking about it, it was her mother and her grandma was her mother's mother so why would she hold any information back. She spoke of the different men that she met every now and again but never saw them again, she spoke of her mother's favourite drink that Millie was forbidden from drinking. Her grandparents seemed a little concerned but Grandpa Jack soon put that aside by saying "Hey! This is about Aunt Nola, not your mummy, right?" and Millie and had responded with a very happy "Right!"

When they arrived Millie was greeted by a boy only a little younger than herself by the name of Braydon Stormhold, who said it was great to meet her and that he'd been so excited when he heard he had a cousin (though if you ask him nowadays he'll only deny it). Millie and her cousin instantly got along, they loved the idea

Millie age 7

Millie at her aunt's wedding

of having a relative their age. Her Aunt Nola was lovely as well, by the first hour in Coulon she was seriously questioning her mother's opinion on her family.

The next day her Aunt Nola asked if Millie would do her the honor of being her flower girl, for Braydon was the page boy but they had no flower girl. Millie did a little jumping up and down dance before managing to say yes. Since it was a very simple wedding Grandma Chole just made a couple of alterations to Millie's original dress and bought her a nice little headband to go with the whole thing. On the day of the wedding her Aunt Nola, Grandma Chloe, her cousin and herself all "boogied" to ABBA whilst getting ready.

The wedding remains to this day one of Millie's best memories of her childhood.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

The Letter

It was just another day for Millie. She was heading over to her neighbours house for her weekly tutoring when she saw an oddly dressed woman at the end of the drive with a map in her hand looking from the map to her house then back at the map again. After a few moments of Millie staring at the woman she finally mausted the courage and went up to the lady, tapped ehr on the arm and said "Excuse ma'am, can I help you?" in perfect French, her tutor had taught her no ways to be rude to someone in French, but her friend were quickly making up for her lack of knowledge. The odd lady was startled and asked "Is this the house of Alisha and Millie McGhee?" refering to another sheet of paper. Millie nodded and soon enough she was sitting inside with the lady at the table and her mother still passed out in her room on the other side of the house. The lady explained that Millie had a gift, a gift of magic and that she had been offered a role at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, the finest school of magic in Europe (in the lady's opinion). Millie was suspicious at first, magic was one of the things her mother would talk about when she was in a bad state and then deny it when she came around. Eventually the lady managed to convince Millie that she was telling the truth and that she wouldn't joke about such matters. The lady gave her a lovely blue envelope with fancy print on it before leaving say that it would have all the information she needed about the school on there.

Millie did want to go, she wanted to learn more than the basic things that "muggles" learnt. When her mother came around later that day she was still a bit drousy, Millie sat her down and talked about it with her mother (she recorded the conversation as well, so later if she needed proof that it happened) and soon enough she had managed to collect everything that was needed and was on her way there.

First Three Years

First Year

It wasn't until she arrived at Beauxbatons and was seated nexted to a familier face did she realise that her best friend, Masie Jones, had also come to Beauxbatons. She was delighted, crazy delighted, she actually screamed scaring the short person on the opposite side of the table, who they soon discovered was named Louise Wilson and had moved from Scotland a few years ago so her French wasn't particularly fantastic so Millie and Masie decided that it would their mission to help her. Millie's first year was mainly about studying, making friends and avoiding the scary librarian when returning books late. There were a couple of boys that her friends insisted were interested in her but she never picked up on it for her nose was stuck in a book when anyone other than Masie or Louise were talking to her. Near the end of the year she accidently picked a fight with a mean fifth year who had made fun of her reading and stolen her favourite muggle book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the result was Millie getting her head dunked in the toilet then spending 5 hours trying to get rid of the smell/memory. She worried throughout the year about her mother, so she wrote to her often but only on three occasions did she ever recieve a reply, so when she returned back to her home in Niort at the end of the school year she tried to discuss this with her mother but it ended up in them both yelling at each other form opposite sides of the kitchen.

Second Year

Her second year was where she started to bloom, she joined hte school choir and soon earned herself one of the leads. Louise thought Millie should learn to dance so that way when she was in fifth year she could apply for an even higher role, and Masie wanted to learn as well because she was very uncoordinated and that didn't help her make it through the hallways not tripping over everything. So each lunch for 3 months the trio would stuff down

Millie age 12

Millie, age 12

their lunch before racing out to the grounds and practising as best they could. Her grades dropped a bit due to this which is why they ended up stopping after three months, after that only Louise continued to train in dance, Masie tried out for Quidditch but had no luck so she simply trained and Millie was usually getting tips for her singing off some of the seventh years that had the other leads. She also kept up her reading and kept writing to her mother even though very rarely would she get a reply, infact that year it was only once that she got a reply and that simple read that Millie was not her mother and shouldn't treat her as such and that she didn't need looking after because she was a grown woman and so on and so forth. After that she stopped writing, if her mother didn't appriciate all she had done for her over the past 7 years of her life then that was fine by Millie, not like she wanted a mother anyway. So at that point she was a bit angsty and we all go through that, simply a part of life. A couple fo weeks later she decided to start writing to her cousin Braydon who was the only relative she could think of to write to who wouldn't critisize her mother because he hadn't met her. Towards the end of the year, Masie, unable to find something that she was particularly good at decided to take up photography, Millie and Louise weren't happy at first because they were the only people Masie had the courage to take a photo of but eventually they got used to it. When Millie got home, there was no argument with her mother, just glaring at each other for a solid five minutes after Millie heard her in another room saying to someone that she had no kids and Millie had burst in on her.

Third Year

This was a bit of an easy year, she didn't bother writing to her mother knowing that she wouldn't a get a decent reply so she wrote to her cousin and on occasion Grandma Chloe and Grandpa Jack. She kept her grades at a sustainable level, that was high enough for her liking, and most importantly, got her first boyfriend. She had been a bit of a late bloomer in her group for Louise had gotten her first boyfriend at the start of their second year and Masie at the end so when her two best friends found out they spent a good two hours talking about boys in their dorms instead of doing homework. His name was Sebastian Wrohart, and he was amazing. At least that's what Millie thought, he was everything she could ever ask for. Well, at least until she caught him snogging someone else at the end of the year and she had stormed over pulled them apart and then slapped him. Super classy. He had all the typical excuses but Millie didn't want to hear them, her friends tried to tell her that all boys were like that but then she asked why their's hadn't been such jerks and they shut up. All she wanted was her mother to take her in her arms and tell her it was alright, but she knew that would only happen when chocolate teapots worked. So instead she avoided everyone and tried writing an original song to help her, it took a few weeks but eventually she had finished, by that point she thought it would be useful for her to be able to play something other than basic guitar so she went to her singing professor and asked if it were possible for her to take some piano and guitar lessons. After a while she apologized to her friends, Louise burst into tears and enveloped her into a massive hug, Masie soon followed with the hugging, not the crying. But all was the same when she got back Niort, her mother and her had yet another argument and she stayed at her Aunt Nola's for some period of time.

Last Three Years

Fourth Year

Millie age 14

Millie, age 14

This was the year Millie wanted to ace as many classes as possible but her friends had other plans. They wanted her to get a proper boyfriend who wouldn't turn on her like the first did, they had gotten together and made a list of the people that they knew were single and were in their opinion perfect for Millie. This was the first year Millie started to harness her sarcasm abilities, her two main victims were Louise and Masie. She ended up doing quite well throughout the year, grades wise. Louise and Masie were disappointed in her lack of ability to gain herself a boyfriend, but Millie was happy with her progress. She continued her lessons in guitar and piano, she wrote a couple more songs but ended up scraping them throughout the year because they no longer sounded right. It had also been a a very nice year a Beauxbatons weather wise so all the students spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying it, Millie developed quite a few freckles that year from getting burnt a couple of times so she decided next year she would be a bit more careful because she didn't particularly like the freckles ever so rudely showing up on her face without her permission making her look like a rosey-cheeked munchkin but without the shortness. That was exactly what her cousin wrote to her when she sent him the above picture, she then continued to send him a howler. But there was something going on at home that Millie didn't know about due to the amount of disagreements she had had with her mother, when she returned to her home at the end of the school year her mother was not there and did not return no matter how many times Millie tried to contact her for a little under a month. She wasn't back for more than an hour before they fought again and this time Millie left to seek refuage at Masie's for the summer.

Fifth Year

After spending the majority of the summer at Masie's Millie didn't have her things to return to school so on one night, she and Masie snuck out and into Millie's house to gather her things. She left a note on the table telling her mother not to worry, although she highly doubted she would, and that she would be staying at Masie's when school ended again. When they arrived at school they were disappointed to see that there was no Louise to be found, a couple weeks into the term a letter arrived from her adressed to both from Louise saying that her mother had wished her to stay home that year. Though not soon after the letter had arrived did someone tap her on the back she spun around to see non-other than her cousin Braydon. As it turns out, he had been attending Durmstrang for the past four years and had been offered a transfer for the year and he had not hesitated to take it because apparently it was very cold back at Durmstrang. So there was a new trio formed Millie, Masie and Braydon. They spent the majority of the year in the library trying to finish homework so it wasn't a particularly fun year, unless they were making up the mean old librarian's back story that could never possibly happen. Throughout the year Masie and Millie kept up their writing to Louise, and even Braydon wrote a letter or two to her. By the end of the year, Millie had found herself another boyfriend, much to the joy of Masie, who soon enough started dating Braydon which Millie continued to laugh at. Who'd imagine her cousin had a romantic bone in him? Definitely not Millie. When the year ended she did not returned home but went to Masie's to stay for she couldn't put up with her mother but soon enough her mother was knocking on the door and ringing the door bell at the middle of the night so she returned with her mother to stop her from disturbing Masie's family further which resulted in the biggest fight she had ever had with her mother.

Sixth Year

By the time the summer was over, Millie was furious with her mother and couldn't be more relieved to return to school. But unfortunately her school had other plans for sixth year (unlike Hogwarts) was the year of the OWLs. They hit fast and they hit hard, they was hardly time for breathing inbetween the homework they recieved, the studying they had to do and for Millie, choir practise. Braydon had returned to Durmstrang but he wrote to both Masie and Millie quite often. Louise was also back and she had a very positive attitude towards the exams, she helped everyone study by sneaking food into the library for everyone. She definitely had no time for any sort of boyfriend that year, although a couple of the lads did ask her out she had to decline and say that her education came first. And by the end of the year she was glad she did, she almost recieved straight O's apart from Divination which in her opinion was complete and utter poppycock anyway. When she returned home things had not changed with her mother, and Millie had had enough of it. She sat her mother down and forced her to act like an adult for 20 minutes for them to discuss it. So it was settled that Millie would move out, at 16. At first, with no where to go, she went to her grandparents. Who offered her their small holiday home in London, that they used for quick visits to the city. Millie couldn't refuse, she wanted to go to London more than most things, so within a month she had moved in and was having her grandparents send over her things. There were also preperation made for her to be enrolled in Hogwarts for her last year of magical education.

Seventh Year at Hogwarts

4 (1)

Millie, age 17

Before actually starting at Hogwarts she had a couple of weeks before she had to leave London. So her Uncle Amos (Aunt Nola's husband) sent her a letter containing an adress of his sister, Katie Glusen, who would be able to provide some entertainment for her and help her make some friends in London. What actually happened was when she arrived Katie had her hands full with a little girl called Annie and gave her directions to someone else that could happen. A girl who used to be her niece's mother was going to be able to help her. So she made over, looking for both Sammy and Brooklyn Star but when she arrived no one was there so she sat outside, pulled out a book and hoped they would be back soon. She wasn't breaking and entering. Soon enough someone else joined her at the house of the Star's, a rather irritating boy by the name of Chase Underwood, who was looking for his cousin. Or something like that. After he continued to annoy the hell out of her she discovered that they would be spending the year together at Hogwarts, which she was not particularly excited about. When she arrived at Hogwarts she was sorted into Hufflepuff, for reasons she keeps to herself. She enjoyed the grounds much more than she did the inside at Hogwarts. Mainly because it helped her focus on her studies for it was quite peaceful. She didn't make many friends, but she continued to write to her cousin and her two closest friends. The only person she really talked to at Hogwarts was that annoying Chase person, they in fact became friends. Rather good friends. In the back of Millie's mind she almost thought she liked him, but the logic of her brain was telling her it was freaking ridiculous. She managed to scrap some fairly decent NEWT scores as well.

After Education


Millie working at the cafe/restaurant thing

Although Millie was glad to no longer have homework, she didn't really hesitate to run and enroll in one of those "study-at-home" universities. At was the same day that she enrolled in the university that Chase plucked up the courage to ask her out, although her head was saying "The hell girl, why are you even considering this? You don't like him do you?!" she blurted out a yes anyway. You couldn't deny, the boy was a Mr. Hottiness and she'd like to go out with him for texting and scones, but instead they went to a lovely Italian restaurant where Millie got jealous of a waitress, but she wouldn't admit it to anyone other than Chase.

She decided that she would try and settle things with her mother, but unfortunately when she arrived she was about as unwanted as a dead rat a cat would bring home. So after having yet another argument she left and decided that visiting her mother was not something she would be doing again any time soon. She also decided that she ought to get a job, she applied for a muggle bookstore, who accepted her but then fired her because her customer service wasn't very good (she kept making sarcastic comments about the books people were deciding to buy). She got a job at an ice creamery, but she also got fired from that because again, apparently her customer service was no good. Then applying for a singing act at a cafe/restaurant/thing, which she got and still has, because she was hired for her voice and personality. The people who hired her thought her personality may offended some people but it would also be entertaining.

Millie soon made quite good friends with her workmates, none more than the part time waitress Penelope Grace who was very talented at playing piano. Millie beged her to perform with her, Penelope agreed but their boss didn't like it and Penelope stayed a waitress and Millie continued performing alone but Penelope was usually there to help her set up/pack up so it wasn't half bad.

Another thing involving Chase happened soon after Millie got her job at the cafe, it involved Millie turning into Godzilla and yelling a lot. She, after spending a week calling in sick at work due to throwing up of a morning, decided to go to the doctors and didn't recieve the greatest of news, she was pregnant. At 18. And most definitely not happy about it, so she didn't hesitate to apperate to Chase's, practically kick down his door and start yelling. Eventually Chase managed to calm her down and talk some sense into her, though there wasn't much sense in it. SO yeah, now she's pregnant.



Alisha McGhee

Alisha McGhee, Mother

Although Millie's mother was never particularly there for her she cared about her a lot and still does but won't admit to it. It's obvious that Millie didn't get her hair colour from her mother and assumes that it was from her father, even though she has never seen him in her life. Her mother suffers from a lot of things bi-polar and depression being the main two, but she, like Millie, is very stubborn and would never admit to it. Millie never particularly noticed it but she meant the world to her mother, she was the one person on the planet that didn't care what she did and loved her all the same. Until she hit 11 anyway, then she felt ashamed of herself and was thrown further into the problems she was already suffering.

285843 alex kingston

Grandma Chloe

Chloe McGhee, Grandmother

Upon first meeting her grandmother Millie thought she was the loveliest woman in the world, her grandmother soon enough took the motherly role in Millie's life when they met. Chloe had always wanted a grandaughter as well, of course she had Millie's cousin Braydon but she ad always wanted a little girl to run up to her and tell her her trouble and think of her as a grandmother. She enjoys cooking and sewing, she made Nola's wedding dress from scratch in fact though she did reference and ask for help the majority of the way through, but everyone inherited their stubborn-ness from her so she'd never admit to anything of the sort. She was the one that introduced Millie to Wicked.

Harrison Ford

Grandpa Jack

Jackson McGhee, Grandfather

This man right here is the whole reason Millie's mother retreated to France, he had raised her mother in France, it was somewhere she felt safe and at home, even if not with her parents. Jackson (though he prefers Jack) is a loving man and thinks he's hilarious when usually people laugh at how dorky his joke was. He, unlike his wife, is not very stubborn at all, he just generally tries to make sure everyone is happy even if something hasn't turned out the way he wanted it to. he used to be a drama teacher and he loved it, teaching people ways that would usually bring a smile to someone's face. Above all his biggest contribution to Millie's life was the introduction to Indiana Jones, and he always tells her if anyone makes her upset she can just come on running back to Grandpa and they could have a marathon, WITH HATS!


JeffLipsky 018

Masie Jones

Masie Catherine Jones

Masie is probably Millie's best friend, even if she still lives in France and Millie lives in London, they write to each other almost on a weekly basis due to the owls not being able to make it very quickly. They attended the same muggle school though that's not where they met, it was in fact outside a bycicle store which Millie had been passing when Masie came zooming out of the store with a shiney new bike almost running Millie over. They became fast friends for Masie offered to put some of the groceries Millie had been carrying in the basket of her bike and walk home with her as an apology. Millie couldn't deny the offer so that's what happened, they got talking about their favourite books and what they liked to do in their spare time. Millie was extremely excited when she discovered Masie would be joing her at Beauxbatons, and screamed at her, and she screamed right back and launched herself on Millie for a hug, not even noticing the weird out girl on the other side of the table who also soon became their friend.

Vogueau 01

Louise "Lou-lou" Wilson

Louise Isabella Wilson

Although Louise didn't start out very out-there once Millie and Masie got to know her they realised how crazy she was. She came from a pureblood family but she didn't get along with her parents very well, her parents wanted her to pursue a life in being a teacher or an Auror, Louise didn't want that because that required being sensible, something Louise wasn't very good at. If anything she wanted to be a dance teacher in the muggle world. When Louise first met Masie and Millie she was weird out, like, super weird out. They had screamed, out of no where, and for no apparent reason. Though the two screaming people grew on her and by her second year she considered them her best friends, in fact she started calling them her musketeers. She also still writes to Millie and is currently studying a teaching course at a muggle university, much to her parents' disgust. She in fact is now roomies with Masie but all the same they write seperate letters to Millie and always tell her that they'd have to meet up and have an Indiana Jones movie marathon.

07 (2)

Braydon Stormhold

Braydon Harrison Stormhold

Arrogant, obnoxious and annoying would be three words Millie would use to describe her cousin, but she still considers him a very good friend. He's one of those friends where you pretend to hate each other and insult each other every moment you're together. Though if anyone hurt her cousin Millie would kill them, and Braydon would do the same for Millie but neither of them would ever admit it. He really is a nice bloke, he obviously is if Masie is still going out with him and they survived the long distance thing for a year.


Chase "Sweetie" Underwood

Chase James Underwood

When Millie first met Chase she'd have to say he was one of the most disagreeable people she'd ever met in her life and he was a complete idiot. Now, of course, things have changed, she now calls this idiot her boyfriend and she dare say that she loves him. She has kept his nickname "Sweetie" that highly irritated him at first but he now seems used to it, and she plans on keeping it. During the one school year she had to spend with him her inition opinion of him almost seemed to grow but she accepted it, she wasn't one to try and change a person even if they had no sense in movies whatsoever. He had never seen Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or even HEARD of Wicked, Millie plans on fixing this whether he likes it or not.

Penelope Grace (Alona Tal)

Penelope "Penny" Grace

Penelope Donna Grace

Although Penelope's a year younger than Millie they get along rather like sisters. They annoy each other a little sometimes but they still think the other is awesome. They first met when Millie started work at the restaurant where Penelope worked part time to save up for university. At first they were just like any other work mates until Millie heard Penelope play piano and pretty much begged her to be a part of her act. After much indecision Penelope agreeded and they spent almost every moment together for a few weeks preparing a song to show the boss to see if he would approve Penelope to play with Millie. When they performed it for the boss he said that they were too low on waitresses for Penelope to perform with Millie and maybe once they had some more she could. She's a witch and she went to Salem's Institute in the states for all her magical education saved up and moved to England by herself just for the heck of it.

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