Artificial Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Small MED


Hidden amongst the shadows and foliage of the forest, is a tiny treasure of a tree. This flesh-eating tree is one of the world's smallest. Reaching to a mere 3 feet at its full height. It has often been compared to some of the world’s most beautiful Bonsai trees. This tree is known to come in varying shades of yellow, orange and red. With the trademark maple leaves covering its minute branches. It does not produce any maple syrup but this does have the unique talent of eating any insect that meanders its way.

Flesh-Eating Properties:

Each individual leaf is capable of quickly closing upon itself to create a cocoon. This in turn suffocates the unlucky passing, or crawling insects. The flesh of the insect is then absorbed through the leaves and into the rest of the tree. A disturbing process that can take up to 6 months depending on the size of the trapped insect. Rumours of trees eating birds and fairies have been spread far and wide, but there are no actual documented cases of this happening. Although if you are a fairy, you may want to keep your distance from the largest of these trees.

The size of this tree and its insect trapping capabilities make it a favourite among wizarding family households. It is fairly easy to grow, being fond of both sun and shade. It is also commonly used in offices and classrooms to capture unwanted disturbances and keep the flying creatures from causing distractions.
While this maple is not known for its sweet syrup, the sap is actually quite sought after and it is used as one of the main ingredients in Granny Grayson's Goitre Glue, which can be readily found in most magical medicine shops.
Though not among the most feared varieties of flesh-eating trees, this wonderfully petite plant still holds a prestigious place in our Magical forests.

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