Modern and Ancient Language Translations Services (MALTS)

Owner: Eilidh Yancy

Established: 2060

 Modern and Ancient Language Translations Services (MALTS) started in 2060 as a small translation firm in Scotland. Translating Gaelic and then later expanded with the addition of fellow Hogwarts Alumni (Echo and Blane) who could speak further languages. This expanded what the business could offer and as such Eilidh started to expand further, hiring other linguists and office staff for the first time.


  • Translation / Consultation of Documents (Business)

Aiding to translate business documents from the original language to the language of business partners. Such as an Irish company beginning to trade in Germany.

  • Translation of pre-written documents (Personal)

Books, Scripts, Stones, Texts that have been written in one language that their owners would like in a different language so that they could be read.

  • Medical Translations

Hospitals contact the correct Employee for the language that they need help translating for.

  • Legal Translations

Helping the Police, Government, Councils etc.

  • Magical Translations

Ancient Runes and Ancient Charms, and other Ancient texts

  • Administration Block

Assigns jobs, duplicates documents, insurance, sends out documents, payroll, etc, HR, Advertising, Internal Communications, Liaise with Universities


2060 - Established

2062 - Echo and Timothy Blane join the ranks.

2063 - Expanded, hiring office staff and further Linguists and Charmists from across Europe.

2065 - Started to look further afield than Europe for her staff and specialists.

2075 - Start offering 4 month summer placements, 6 month University placements and 12 month Internships.

2081 - Viktoriya Vitvinina / Von Brandt joins straight out of school.

Known Employees, Their Languages and Skill set:

  • Eilidh Yancy - Gaelic, English, French
  • Echo Blane - English, Ancient Runes, Italian, Spanish
  • Timothy Blane - English, Portugese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese
  • Toriya Von Brandt - Russian, English, Norwegian, Belarusian, Greek, German, French, Japanese - Competent in: Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish

Out of Character

Hi everyone. MALTS is the business of Eilidh Yancy, a character of Tori (Tiro MacMhuirich)'s. If you have a character you think would like to work here, based anywhere in the world with any number of languages, please let me know either here or by PM/VM on SS.

I would LOVE for this to become somewhere that people have their characters working, and I have the plans to create a forum on Ambleside in the future for Eilidh and her staff.

External Site with more general information about Translation Services: Global Translation Services

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