Mooncalf by crymsonwolfe
Classification: XX / Beast

The Mooncalf is a shy creature that only comes out of its burrow during a full moon. The Mooncalf has smooth, pale grey skin, and four spindly legs that end in large flat feet. The Mooncalf also has bulging eyes that sit on the top of its head.

Once the Mooncalf is in the moonlight, it performs complicated dance moves standing on its hind legs with the use of its large paws. It is believed that this is part of the Mooncalf mating ritual, but also has the side effect of creating geometric patterns in wheat fields that confuse Muggles.

Mooncalf dung, if harvested before the sun rises, will make magical plants grow fast and strong. After feeding them with a bottle of hot milk very very very gently take your middle finger, and rub it over their back, to burp them. You know when you've done it when they make a very high pitched squeak. To bond with them quickly one must take its paws, and very gently massage them, strengthening their paws and attachment.


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The Creature Book of Creatures

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