The music-creating charm can be used to create background music by magical means. The incantation-- Creo Musica -- comes from the Latin words for Create Music. To cast this charm, the wizard doesn't need to be holding his or her wand, but the wand must be on their person in order for it to work (like apparition). When casting the music-creating charm, the caster must think of the song they want to play as they say the incantation in order for the charm to work. If left alone, the same song will loop over and over. To change the music, anyone in the area can concentrate on a different song and say Novo Musica, which comes from the Latin for New Music. Still, if left alone, the same song will continuously loop. The countercharm, to end the music, is Musica Exitus, which literally translates to End the Music.

This charm works in any situation, but is very annoying when used in small, enclosed spaces.

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