Narcissus Modeling Agency was founded in 2021 by Walter Narcissus, and is the most elite modeling agency in the Wizarding World. NMM represents over 900 models in all seven continents, we are contacted by over 20,000 hopefuls every year.

Although NMM has a very specific look, open casting calls are held every few months, and are announced in our newsletter.

We represent only the best young hopefuls, ages 14-25 who are looking for a serious modeling career. If you think you have what it takes, please contact one of our main branch offices for more information.

Where can my modeling career take me?

As a model, you have the opportunity to watch and learn from the environment around you. Modeling could be used as a stepping stone towards many other careers in photography, fashion design, advertising, or simply- modeling; growing within your own field.

Not only does modeling give you a chance to work all around the world, you also work with many different people, including Muggles, should you choose to, these things can improve and capitalize on your personal skills, interview skills and professional skills.

However, being a model is not all about outside beauty, it depends on your attitude and outlook. A good attitude is attractive, and it draws people to you, therefore, your attitude is everything. You should be humble, but also know that you are worth it, and with a bit of hard work, your career can take you to wherever you wish to go.

Our Mission Statement

Narcissus Modeling Agency sets the standard for meeting & exceeding client expectations through our commitment to core principals of professionalism. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients & then work to fulfill or exceed them. Benefits: Our Company offers our, life coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, make-up artist, hairstylist, personal massage therapist.

We also give classes on make-up 101, fashion 101, professionalism, and high fashion runway modeling. Business Positioning Strategies: Narcissus Modeling Agency markets, promotes, advertises using creativity, innovation, and technology. We will craft a precise strategy that will allow clients to differentiate themselves from the rest. Services: To support clients’ efforts, NMM helps models with comp card design, assist in portfolio development, and web-site advancement Service Advantage: We give quality service that ensures that clients are satisfied. We will also follow-up with our clients by offering them a chance to give their thanks or complaints to provide you with the best strategy in insisting our models needs. Meeting the expectations is not always easy, however as company we strive to be the best.


  • London
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney

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