It gets its strange name from the wizard that created this particular toadstool. That wizard was the great Artemis Needlefig. At least, he claims to have created it. Many in our Wizarding community doubt this to be true, and many assume he merely discovered this toadstool, and then tried to make others believe he created it. Artemis was a great Herbologist in the fifteenth century, but there is little or no evidence proving his claims.


This stylish toadstool grows to a height between five to eight inches tall. They are extremely thin mushrooms with little or no cap. They are a dark rusty brown colour and really do mimic the resemblance of a rusty nail.


The Needlefig Nail is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.


They grow in tightly packed colonies and can most often be found growing up the north side of enormous trees. These toadstools flourish in the cool shady spaces provided by the larger varieties of trees in the forest. They have been known to be found growing on some buildings, but seem to prefer staying closer to wooded areas.


Many wizards have used these toadstools to regain their bearings when lost in the woods. They are an easy and effective way to point yourself north again, should you become confused in the forest. The Needlefig Nail is commonly used in potions for increasing strength. A number of healing potions use it as an ingredient to aid wellness and recently this toadstool has also been making the rounds on the quidditch field. The teams' leading trainers have begun to recognise its effectiveness in potions, which can minimize pain in minor injuries.

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