Nerida Eventide


Nerida Faye Eventide


April 1st, 2064 on border of France, Germany, and Switzerland

Blood Status:

A Purrie...Pure-Blood

Relationship Status




Former House:



Ravenclaw House, Eventide Family, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Nerida Eventide was born on April 1st, 2064 on the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland with her twin sister to Haldor and Nyx Eventide. Specifically in the city of Basel , the city is located in switzerland, officaly. She went to Hogwarts and was sorted in Ravenclaw.

One so little, has a fight so big


Her mum, Nyx holding Nerida's tiny hand

Nerida and her twin sister, Sarassi were born four months early. Her brothers while on vacation decided that they were going to pull a prank on their parents' muggle car, because the trip to Paris, France was taking to long. The prank backfired, scarring her mum into premature labor. (Her parents were unaware of their brothers prank, so her mum doesn't really trust muggle cars now.) Her father had to make three trips to the Hospital by appariting, the first time to get her mum there and then going back for her two brothers and lastly for her sister. Her life would have ended if one of the doctors assisting the main doctor had not noticed that Nerida was not breathing, it took the doctors a small moment to get Nerida breathing again, when they did they put her on an oxygen and put her in a incubator. Her mum was realeased from the hospital a month after giving birth, Sarassi had to stay in the hospital for two months, but Nerida had to stay in the hospital for four months. During the four months, only the doctor and parents were allowed to see Nerida...By the end of the four months, Nerida could breath by herself and was off the oxygen machine and she was healthy. Her mum finally took their daughter home, to meet the rest of her family.

Early Life

Nerida started playing piano when she was 3 years old, she is very skilled now at the age of sixteen. When Nerida became five years old her father angered a man named Eric Dupont, a french man. Her father, Haldir got him arrested but Eric was able to "persuade" a couple of men in the main MLE department and was released.


Kidnapped Nerida...

Unaware, Haldir was at home with Nerida. The other members of her family were at Diagon Alley, Nerida did not want to go as she wanted to spend time with her father and play on the piano for him. Midway through the piece, Eric arrived. Her father and Eric began a duel, neither had wand, Eric's was broken in half by her father, and Haldir's wand lay on his bed upstairs. When Eric had about finished off her father (with some help from his goons of course) he walked over to the man who was holding on to Nerida, who she later learned was called Hugo. Eric told her father "My daughter was killed when you and the Ministry captured me, I think your daughter will make and excellent replacement don't you think?" Eric had her for four months. During those four months, Nerida found out that Eric thought that she was his daughter, as that's what he treated her like, she was called Natalie sometimes while there. Her father and some of his Ministry buddies came and rescued Nerida at the end of the fourth month.

After returning home, it took a while for things to become normal again. Her whole family watched her like a hawk. She no longer took piano lessons, she wasn't allowed to join ballet classes with her sister, she could not start back on her karate (she was a yellow belt, the 10th kyu). It took about a four months before Nerida finally had enough, and she yelled at all of her

Ballet Nerida

6 almost 7 years old Nerida for one of her Ballet Performances

family members minus Sarassi. Her mum reestablished the piano lessons, but since she hadn't practiced in so long, she forgot a lot and her piano teacher, Mrs. Minnie got annoyed at her but still taught her. She joined Ballet out of her sister's request (Sarassi). She excelled in Ballet and caught up with her sister, she wouldn't have caught up if it weren't for her and Sarassi's "secret" ballet classes though. For Nerida's first performance, her whole family came out and recorded it, Sarassi was the Evil Queen and Nerida was the Good Queen and the other girls were a bunch of warriors and some flowers and there were other queens too, and the three boys of the class were Kings and Knights, it was fun, she still continues ballet. She started Karate from the beginning when she turned 8, she is now on her 5th Kyu, which is a green belt.

Hogwarts Years


Kurumi Hollingberry

Nerida got her Hogwarts Letter on July 4th, the date she was supposed to be born on (Note: I counted April as a month as it is just the 1st of the month). Nerida was very excited when she received her letter, she couldn't wait to go to Diagon Alley, while in the Robes shop she met a young girl named Kurumi Hollingberry, but shes sure if you ask Kurumi now, she'll say she doesn't know any Ravenclaw named Nerida. (the posts start here, if you'd like to know)


The House Nerida was sorted into the best house!

Upon arriving at Hogwarts she was sorted into the Ravenclaw House, she was super happy, her twin was also sorted into Ravenclaw, and she was in her dad's house. Also her three older brothers were also in Ravenclaw, though that part she didn't really look forward to.

First Year (Term 29)

Elle-Fanning-Nerida First Year

First Year Nerida

Nerida's first year was amazing she met so many people like Kurumi Hollingberry, who she met in Diagon Alley. Nerida loved going to Diagon Alley and buying her school supplies. On the Hogwarts Express she sat in a cabin with her siblings and almost fell asleep. She loved all her classes and yes even the homework... To make the year even more exciting it ended with a baby house elf being uncovered as the person responsible for the mysterious things happening at Hogwarts and she was allowed to stay! She couldn't wait to start her second year!

Second Year (Term 30)

Nerida little (19)

Nerida-second year

Nerida went back to Hogwarts, ready to began the year, and make some more friends and excel in her classes. She did make some more friends, Jez Black, Laura Granger, Nicki MacDonald, and Nate Stone. This year Nerida decided not to try out for the Qudditch team. She participated in the Founder's Fandango and had so much fun with her siblings! This year has been crazy, wild creatures have been appearing on the Hogwarts Grounds, shes been quite terrified but also very amazed!


Sapphira/Squeaky the Pygymy puff!

Care of Magical Creatures became one of her favorite classes when she got to take care of a sweet little pygmy puff named Sapphira but Nerida calls her Squeaky, she only uses Sapphira when the little puff is in trouble! She has asked the Professor along with many other students if they could keep their puffs. She was also a lot more active in her classes this year and at the end of the school year received 179 points for her house.

Third Year (Term 31)

Nerida little (12)

Third Year

Nerida started off her third year very well! In her first lesson of Divination, she dresses up as a beautiful gypsy and she then teamed up with the Slytherin Prefect, Sierra Greingoth and a Second Year Slytherin named Butterfly Penta and Fourth Year Ravenclaw named Ariana Hartley to build a fortune telling cart for a race but before they had built half of their cart, Team Kurumi had won the race...The first Lessons at Hogwarts were all so great, but the most exciting would have to be the care of magical creatures lesson 1 where they saw an actual baby dragon hatch!!!! They even got to pick a name out for the baby, in the end the baby became Roro! At the Herbology lesson two Nerida had a bit of an incident involving a spell her two fingers and a branch. The spell was ferula. Luckily for Nerida, her friend and 'teacher' at the time, Kurumi was there to save the day!!

During the school year Nerida started to have memory lapses, she even forgot an argument that she had with her sister. One day While in the Library, with Narumi and Sarassi Nerida froze (unknown to her). Narumi yelled in the the library and got the attention of the librarian, Mr.Kitridge. Soon after the arrival of Mr.Kitridge, Nerida unfroze (though it was unknown to her that she had frozen she had not realized that time had passed). This happened many times after where Nerida would freeze and than she would unfreeze.

Then Nerida froze in Potions class at the same time prefect Sierra Greingoth had forzen and she was the Professor's daughter! But then she unfroze (Sierra) and then Prefect Kurumi froze!! Nerida has not unfroze by that time.

She spent a month in the Hospital Wing still in the frozen state, the plimpy leg that had froze in her hand was still in there though she dropped it soon after she awoke from the frozen state. After awaking she had clue what had happened to her, and even after the healer and the Professors told her and the other people that froze what happened Nerida still had a hard time believing them.

At the Final for Care of Magical Creatures Nerida raised her own baby dragon which she named Kyra. but sadly Roro the dragon murdered it and the saddest part she would have been able to keep it. She was mad for a while but she forgave him after she realized he just wanted the little ones to stop moving or something like that... She finished the school year quite successfully in her opinion. She was ranked third in the top five Students for Ravenclaw. Finising the school year with 384 points for Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw came close to winning the House Cup but Hufflepuff prevailed, though Ravenclaw did win the Qudditch cup!

Some cool things that Nerida was in this year was the book club, the Herbology Task Force, and she could go into the Magical Creatures Sanctuary and Barnyard and she was a library technician.

This year for vacation Nerida and her family have decided to go to Romania.

Fourth Year (Term 32)

Fourth year

Nerida in her Fourth Year (wearing her glasses)

During the summer her brothers pranked her sister and her by dyeing their hair blonde, after the two had been passed a sleeping potion. Their parents tried getting the dye out but the brothers were smart and made it so it couldn't come out. Though luckily for the two girls they looked great as blondes. Two weeks before the term began the girls pranked the boys by giving them a tanning solution that turned them pumpkin orange. Before the term started her parents were not going to allow her and Sarassi to go back to Hogwarts, and Nerida blew a fuse! She loved Hogwarts, it was her home away from home. She knew things last term weren't ideal but that didn't mean that she wanted to just stop going she loved being a Ravenclaw and loved being able to call herself a Hogwartian. After many talks and convincing from Nerida, her parents allowed her and Sarassi to return, but not Arwen. Just as school started they started looking like normal but still with that tint of orange. Classes ran smooth for Nerida this year, nothing like last year happened...It seemed everything was normal.

She met up with Ira to do their Care of Magical Creature Final, where they had to take care of fire crabs. Ira named her crab amber while Nerida named hers Phoenix. Even though Nerida was scared of the fire crabs due to a prank her brothers did when she was younger, she was able to overcome her fear and take care of the crabs with Ira. Now she is not so much scared of the crabs. 

At the end of the year Nerida realized her sister was starting to separate herself from everyone including Nerida. Nerida decided it was time to give Sarassi a break from her, since she had this new found separation...

Nerida gained 214 points for Ravenclaw that year!

Fifth Year (Term 33)

Nerida elle fanning

Nerida's fifth year was fun nothing crazy happening this year, just the Board of Governors election, which was really fun their classes had to with the elections especially in Muggle Studies. It was good that Nerida's fifth year was not crazy due to owls. The owls made Nerida stressed out. Though at the end when she got her OWL scores everything was all worth it. And great news came to her right after taking them, her mum was getting better and was finally able to leave the hospital. At the end of this year Nerida earned 200 points for Ravenclaw.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results 

Pass Grades




Fail Grades





Arithmancy: O

Astronomy: E

Care of Magical Creatures: E

Defense Against the Dark Arts: E

Herbology: E

Muggle Studies: O

Transfiguration: O

Sixth Year (Term 34)

Sixth year

Nerida in her Sixth Year

During the summer Hogwarts changed. It wasn't how she remembered it, a poor school feast, and unkempt state of the common rooms revealed the school to be financially in trouble and that was thanks to the theft THAT HAPPENED THAT SUMMER.

Hogwarts was quickly going downhill and the goblins from Gringotts weren't making anything better, by coming and taking their stuff. The Professors tried to make the year seem just like any other year but with the budget cuts and items like the China for Divination it just wasn't Hogwarts. 

While on the edge of the forbidden forest working on her ancient runes exam, a sudden chill kept on coming over Nerida and her friends while they were there. A second chill with no wind caused Anya ,DaichiTag Marcus, and Lotus all crumbled due to the cold and felt loneliness inside of them, like all the happiness was gone from them. Soon afterwards Professor Barlow came and rescued them! Though she was mad at them for being near the forest. 

Towards the middle of the school year she received word that her mother's health was declining. 

The year ended with Nerida happy that everyone had been cured from the Ice Cream and the thought of staying away from ice cream for awhile... Nerida was able to give Ravenclaw 161 points not as much as she liked but oh well there is always room for improvement for next year.

Seventh Year

Seventh year nerida

Nerida in her final year at Hogwarts

In the summer before her seventh year Nerida was an intern at the Daily prohet.

During Nerida's seventh year, the trial for Amarantha de Talone started, she had to leave Hogwarts to go be a witness at her trial. The trial ended badly with both De Talone and her lawyer escaped. 

Nerida got her first detention in all seven years, for "ditching" a class but really she and several of her friends were just standing up for what they believed in against the new Arithmancy Professor... Sadly the Headmistress did not see it as that. So she and all of her friends that participated in the Girl Power group got detention, though thankfully the Arithmancy Professor let the Ravenclaws leave early... The two Ravenclaws were confused but gladly left even though they felt bad for leaving.

Nerida excelled in her classes, though she did have a hard time juggling studying for her NEWTS but she managed to handle it all.

Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Results

Pass Grades




Fail Grades





Arithmancy: A

Astronomy: P E

History of Magic: A

Potions: E

Care of Magical Creatures: A

Defense Against the Dark Arts: E

Herbology: O

Muggle Studies: O

Transfiguration: P A

Life After Hogwarts

Nerida went to Wizarding University at the Edinburgh Campus, Herbology and Wizarding Communications. She will finish soon and hopes to start a promising career as a Herbologist.




Nyx Eventide


Haldir Eventide


Aowyn Eventide (18), Hathor Eventide(18), Hermes Eventide (18), Sarassi Eventide(14), Arwen Eventide (8), Donella Eventide II (3) and Earendil Eventide (3)


Sky-Light and Caroline Nightingale

Grandparents on Mum's Side:

Isis and Rúmil Lúthien

Grandparents on Dad's side:

Donella and Daeron Eventide

Blood Related Grandpa on Dad's side:


Family Tree

Her and her Family live in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Her mum is Nyx Eventide, a Gryffindor and is a Mediwitch but is currently on leave due to the fact that she is ill. Her father is Haldir Eventide an Auror. She has three older siblings, they are triplets, four years older than her. Their names are Aowyn Eventide, Hathor Eventide, and Hermes Eventide. Hathor and Hermes are the two boys who pranked her family's car, and are known by all their neighbors as the pranksters. Next comes Sarassi and her,Sarassi like Nerida is in Ravenclaw. Next comes Arwen Eventide, who is a year younger than Nerida and she is also in Ravenclaw The last of the Eventide children are Donella and Earendil Eventide, who are five years younger than Nerida.

She doesn't really know her grandparents on her mum's side, she knows their names, what they look like, and where they live. Her family has visited her grandparents five times in the twelve years that she has been breathing. Their names are Isis and Rúmil Lúthien. She thinks the reason why her parents wont take them more often that if her Grandma Isis, sees how many kids her mum has, she might blow a fuse!

Her grandparents on her father's side she knows very well, they visit often when they can, their names are Donella and Daeron Eventide. Donella Eventide I is where Donella Eventide II got her name from. Donella and Daeron are traveling the world on Daeron's "retirement money", one day she had heard her mum and her dad talking about her grandpa, Daeron. She heard her dad say that Daeron was not his real dad, because her mum had asked why his two sisters, had different last names than he did.

Her two god-mothers are Sky-Light and Caroline Nightingale.


Family Tree (colored by house)

Her dad's biological father is unknown to everyone except Grandma Donella and she wont tell anyone, when somebody asks all she says is "Who?" and her dad says "I do not know what your talking about my dad is Daeron Eventide".





Hair Color:


Eye Color:

light blue sometimes dark blue


4 feet and 11 and 3/4 inches

Skin Color:

fair and pale


Irish, German, and British

Nerida has reddish brown sometimes wavy or straight hair. Her eyes are blue, they change through the stages of blue. Sometimes appearing light blue and then other times they are dark blue. She stands at four feet and eleven and three fourths tall, very short compared to the older people in her family (everyone but Arwen, etc.). She has fair pale skin, that burns easy, if she does got burned though in about a day or so the burn turns to a tan. Nerida is supposed to wear glasses, but she likes to think of glasses as a suggestion instead of a need, she just needs them to read, nothing major.... She is Irish, German, and British. Her mum is a full Irish and her father is Half-German and Half-British, though he did live in England his whole life. She has a scar on the back of her neck, she got this from a man named Hugo, while she was being held "daughter" by Eric Dupont, all she really can remember is that Hugo hit her with something, when she "insulted" one of the workers...

Magical Me

Magical What nots..


11.6 inch of Oak wood and a Aethonon tail feather for the core


Her family dead




Rain, Cupcakes, and Apples

Nerida's wand is eleven inches and six centimeters of Oak Wood. Its core is an Aethonon tail feather. Her boggart is her family sprawled out everywhere dead and blood everywhere. Her patronus is undeveloped, as she has not learned the spell yet. Her amortentia is rain, cupcakes, and apples. Her favorite classes at Hogwarts is Arithimancy and Care of Magical Creatures, and her least favorite class is none she likes them all! Her former least favorite class used to be muggle studies, but After taking a muggle studies class in her third and second year Nerida liked it. In her second year she learned how to cook world foods and in her third they talked about muggle fairytales so her view of the muggle studies class has greatly increased and she now understands why it is good to have a muggle studies class.


Nerida is a nice, friendly, and amazingly sweet girl! She is also very trusting, this makes her parents worry.  She has a huge amount of curiosity bounding from within in her, tell her not to open a classified box she will open the classified box and probably kill everybody!!! When she was little she was a shy quiet pipsqueak, after being afraid of the scary bad guys for so long Nerida decided it was time to gain some courage and get a backbone. At times when she is most scared Nerida will tell everybody she is not scared when truthfully she is terrified. She is a very bright girl and wants to make her mum and dad proud, though whenever asked to answer a question, she is not very confident in her response.



Her family and her...

Nyx Eventide


Nyx Eventide

Nerida and Nyx have not always seen eye to eye, they often argued about Nerida not doing girly things, and ballet apparently did not count since there were three boys in there. The fights started to come to a halt when Nerida turned ten, about the time when Nerida and Nyx started having daughter days and they went shopping, Nerida's day was Friday so they usually saw a muggle movie afterwards. Her mum was diagnosed with Leukemia, a muggle disease, cancer of the blood, in the Summer after Nerida's third year at Hogwarts. Nerida is the only daughter of Nyx and Haldir that knows how to sew so she helps her mum when she can. Nerida and her mum developed a bond. 

2008 australia 002

Nyx and Haldir on their wedding day

When she got cancer, Nerida knew when her mum was in pain and when she was lying about it. no one could ever figure out how she knew, but Nerida just knew, and she was always right. While in the hospital for many operations and so that the doctors could watch her, Nyx started making a memory quilt. She put baby pictures of herself and her parents and then Haldir and his parents and then a picture of Nyx and Haldir with each of their children, her mum often says that her favorite memory is the day that each of her children were born and the day that she was married to Haldir. The picture lies in the center of the quilt. Nerida came up with the idea of duplicating the quilt for all of her siblings and her dad, so that they could have one too, her mum was the one that said that Nerida gets the original because, she was her favorite, and she helped make it. In Nerida's fifth year Nyx was allowed to return home with only one more operation the doctors and healers looked hopeful. During her sixth year, Nyx's health declined and she had to return to the hospital. Nerida was devastated and wrote to her mother constantly while she was at St. Mongos. In the summer of Nerida's sixth year Nyx had been 'cured' but the doctors couldn't be certain until five or so years had passed. Nyx now wears a wig to cover up what they cancer took from her.

Haldir Eventide

Nerida's dad

Haldir Eventide

Her father and her get along very well. Nerida cares a lot about her dad and is the only one who really cares to ask him about his day at the Ministry. Maybe its because her dad and her have been through a lot together, a kidnapping, death threats, and rumors. Nerida is her dad's little Princess and her dad is her hero! All though at times Nerida gets ticked at her dad, they usually make up and go to Diagon Alley to get ice cream or a muggle shop when they want to feel "normal". Her dad is also very protective. He feels like he has to make up for letting her get kidnapped, no matter what she says to her dad he still says he owes her.


Her dad and mum!

<p style="color:navy;">Ever since her mum got diagnosed with Leukemia, her mum has been getting paranoid and thinking that her dad is cheating on her and wants to leave her. Nerida and her sisters usually calm their mum's fears and save their dad. Nerida knows her dad isn't cheating on her mum he loves her way to much and would not want to mess up their huge family!!! Nerida hopes the tension between her parents stop when her mum gets better. she love messing with her dad on the couch when she is home for the holidays and Summer. Like when she did the oldest trick in the book and put whipped cream in his hand and tickled him, that was a fun day, but she had to clean the mess up! Since the summer of Nerida's fifth year she is happy to report that her mum has put a stop to all the paranoia, she says it was a symptom.

Aowyn Eventide


Here is Aowyn

Aowyn and Nerida are opposites you could say, Aowyn has to have logic to prove its true, Nerida will believe it even if there is no proof. They are like Susan and Lucy from one of Nerida's favorite series, Narnia. All though Nerida and Aowyn do not share the same likes and dislikes, they get along fairly well. They do argue sometimes at Hogwarts mostly, where there parents can not scold them. Though they do put their differences aside and do tons of sisterly things! Aowyn and Nerida do not talk much while at Hogwarts as Aowyn is usually busy reading studying or writing. After graduating Aowyn went off to wizarding university in Crete, Greece, and the two drifted apart, the occasional letter is all she usually hears of her sister.

Hathor Eventide



Hathor is the kind of brother that will beat up the kid that took your cookie, but really thats about it. He doesn't like playing games with his younger siblings unless it involves pranking or if it's Quidditch. She and Hathor usually do not agree on anything and when they do its a miracle. Also the only interest they share are Quidditch, though Nerida isn't that good at it, she became close to being on the Ravenclaw Team in her first year, whereas her brother doesn't want to try out and prove his skills. Hathor is usually the one that she goes to for boy advice... Hathor and Nerida's relationship is strictly brother and sister, they do not do much together..Well one time they went and got ice cream together, this was after her mum was diagnosed with cancer, he seems to be doing this a lot lately... After her brother left to go to Wizarding University in Salem, Massachusetts, USA the two still write and share memories and keep in touch more than her and her sister Aowyn do.

Hermes Eventide


Hermes Eventide

Hermes is her favorite brother out of her three brothers.He is the most protective and caring. When Nerida was growing up, Hermes did everything with Nerida, played dress up and barbie and even makeover, the dress up and the makeover games were usually the ones she begged him to play with but still. When Hermes and her other siblings had to leave her so they could go to Hogwarts, to be honest the one she would miss most was Hermes, she wrote to her brother weekly and could not wait for him to come home for the Holidays. One Christmas Holiday, Hermes and Nerida went out to a muggle city in the United States (visiting their Grandparents-Eventide) and it was there that Hermes got his tattoo, a trident. Hermes told Nerida that if she ever wanted to get one, he would come with her, it could be their"thing". Her parents still do not know about the tattoo, so Nerida also keeps it a secret. When it was Nerida's turn to go to Hogwarts, as her parents were busy when it was time to go to Diagon Alley, Hermes took her with him and he bought her an owl, that she named Poseidon. The Greek god, is like an inside joke between them, since Hermes and Nerida were in love with the Greek Gods when they were growing up! After going to wizarding university in Edinburgh, Scotland, though he really didn't want to go! Nerida and Hermes kept in touch way more than any of her other siblings, the bond is always there. And they have visited each other, him going to Hogsmeade and her going to Edinburgh. And she is glad to report the two are still getting into trouble!

Sarassi Eventide

Sarassi new

Nerida and Sarassi are great twin sisters, all though at times the two do not see eye to eye. They get along when they agree, some would say this is a rare happening! Sarassi is very shy compared to Nerida, and this causes Nerida to pull Sarassi along, making sure that her sister does not get excluded from her "group". When they were little Sarassi was the one that got Nerida to read books and learn. Like Nerida, Sarassi is hot-tempered so they tend to bite at each others throats, but will usually laugh right afterwards. Sarassi and Nerida like exploring but not very much when they are dark mostly because Nerida is afraid of what will happen if they go to far into the "Wild"! When they started Hogwarts the two were inseparable and they could usually be found in the Ravenclaw Common Room, Library, or their Classes. The two like "pranking" their brothers, Nerida usually hides in the cupboard and jumps out and scares them and Sarassi thinks of more detailed pranks, and its best not to get on the two girls bad and revenge side...

During the girls' fourth year the two started to spend little time with each other and Sarassi became more distant. Nerida not knowing what to do gave her sister space, which only fed the fire. Sarassi started to act out, doing things her parents did not approve of even going as far to get pink highlights and getting a rocker boyfriend named Spike. The mention of OWLS made Sarassi fake vomit and acted like they were a joke. She misbehaves and Nerida is embarrassed to say she is her sister at times. With their mum paying more attention to the bad Sarassi during the summer of their fifth year, Sarassi calmed down a bit realizing that their mum wasn't getting any better. With a few more surgeries the doctors both muggle and wizard alike claimed she was healed for now, the cancer was gone but they couldn't be certain until five years had passed. Sarassi still kept with the bad girl routine but when ever around her mum an occasional smile appeared on her face. Since fifth year Nerida and Sarassi are rarely seen together. Instead Nerida can be found talking to other people or hanging with other people. After graduating, Sarassi and Nerida's relationship started to mend but it still isn't the same as it was before the mishap occurred. The two parted ways and do not go to the same university.

Arwen Eventide

Arwen eventide

Arwen and Nerida have a loving sisterly relationship. They mostly agree on the same stuff so almost never fight with each other. Arwen constantly talks about Hogwarts and Gryffindor, which annoys Nerida because its all Arwen talks about and she wishes she would just get a life and be a normal eight year old and be patient for school or not want to go to school. Since both sisters have grown and maturity has come Nerida and Arwen get a long a lot better than they used to. Now ten year old Arwen awaits for her birthday, July 21st! The two have grown closer after Arwen started Hogwarts, and Nerida helped her understand what being a Ravenclaw means. After the incident her third year, Arwen was sent to live with her Grandparents (Eventide) in France. During a visit in the summer before her sixth year, it was Nerida who noticed how Arwen was feeling. After they both graduated Arwen and Nerida attended the same university and are constantly seen giggling over ice cream or that cute boy in the quad.

Donella and Earendil Eventide


Earendil and Donella

Nerida loves her two little siblings. She teaches Donella and Earendil how to say words, and plays patty cake with them! At first Nerida resented having more siblings, she did not understand why she had to have so many but then something changed and she learned that she loved having them. After they were born, they drove Nerida nuts, she even threatened to throw them away..Which she did to Donella when Donella bit her nose...Good thing her dad checked the trash before he took it out...Nerida hopes Donella won't hear that story when she is older. Do not tell Earendil but Nerida accidentally dropped him...Her mum was not too happy about that.... Once they turned twelve months old, Nerida softened up and started to enjoy having a new younger brother and sister! Now five years old the two twins are easier to handle and Nerida enjoys taking them out for ice cream or to the park.

Sky-Light Doherty and Caroline Nightingale


Caroline Nightingale

Due to her parents not being able to decide which woman to be her godmother, she has two (so does Sarassi), though legally Sky-Light is her godmother and Caroline is Sarassi's godmother. 


SKy Light

She likes them both very much, but Sky-Light she likes just a tiny bit more, Caroline is always talking about animals and how you can interact with them, but Sky is not that much better she is usually busy, with the Ministry due to the fact that she is a Hit Witch and you never know when those people will be needed. In 2077 Caroline was married and Nerida and Sarassi were bridesmaids. A fun and great experience! In 2080 Sky was married and Nerida and Sarassi were bridesmaids. It was a great experience!

Isis and Rúmil Lúthien

She does not know her grandparents, on her mother's side, very well. As she has only met them once...Which was the day she was born. Her parents say the reason is they live in Ireland, way too far! Nerida has her own theory why they can not go see them though...She thinks that her Grandmas Isis will freak when she sees how many children her daughter (Nerida's mum) has... Nerida would like to get to know her grandparents a lot better... In Nerida's third year after her mum's diagnosis, her grandparents visited and took care of the whole family. A lot of tearful moments between Isis and her mum happened. Without her grandparents visiting, its safe to say none of their family would have been able to get through the sad memory. Nerida also found out why all of her family members have such weird unique names, it is a family tradition that passes through her grandpa's line, it was only a strange coincidence that her mum married her dad, who has a unique name. Now the maternal grandparents are known as much as the paternal grandparents.

Donella and Daeron Eventide


Her grandma, Donella.


Grandpa Daeron

Nerida's paternal grandparents are very well rounded grandparents and love taking their grandchildren on vacations to their house on the beach. Nerida often found their house boring and wanted adventure, but going to far in the

ocean was a no no so no adventure there. Her grandparents are fun when they are not sitting down and are actually doing something. She enjoys their company and loves having her grandparents around especially hearing their old tales. During her mum's sickness her father thought it would be best if just her parents came at least until everything died down.


Through her seven years at Hogwarts friends have been made:

Jezabel "Jez" Black

Jez purpleeyes

Jezabel Black

Jezabel Black is also a Ravenclaw in the same year as Nerida. The two met when they were in their second year. Jezabel had found the orb that everyone wanted to find, and it "fell" out of her pocket in the Ravenclaw Common Room and who would find it but Nerida. Nerida offered to give it back to Jez but Jez told her to keep it. Jez and Nerida started to talk and get to know each other when Nerida realized the orb, escaped!! She likes Jez a lot even though she does not know a lot about her, she can not wait to get to know more about her and become great friends! Nerida has not seen her since her second year. 

Laura Granger


Laura Granger

Laura Granger is also a Ravenclaw in the same year as Nerida. Laura and Nerida met in the Ravenclaw Common Room in their second year. Both wondered how they did not meet each other in their first year and both also wanted to get to know each other!  

Nicki MacDonald



Nicki is a Ravenclaw, a year behind Nerida. Nerida met Nicki when she was in her second year. They met each other in the Ravenclaw Common Room. She enjoyed talked to Nicki! Nicki is so nice and a bit hyper, both things are something that she likes about Nicki! She talks to Nicki sometimes but hasn't seen her recently.


Nate Stone

Nate Stone

Nate is also a Ravenclaw in the same year as Nerida. They met in their second year. She met Nate when she met his girlfriend, Jez! He did not talk much when all the girls were chatting, but Nerida considers him a friend. Nerida sees Nate sometimes and when she does he gets a wave.

Kurumi Hollingberry


Kurumi Hollingberry

Nerida met Kurmui for the first time in Diagon Alley when she was buying her school supplies for her first year, but Nerida thinks that if you ask Kurumi, she will say she does not know a Ravenclaw named Nerida. Nerida has seen Kurumi a couple times around school and during classes they always exchange hellos. Kurumi is the person that Nerida usually goes to for help. Since Kurumi's graduating Nerida has rarely seen Kurumi though if she did she would be happy and go over to her friend.

Narumi Matsumoto

Normal mew

Narumi Matsumoto

Nerida and Narumi met in Diagon Alley at the Ice Cream Shop! Narumi is a Gryffindor, a couple years behind Nerida! They started to hang out more during the Hogwarts year and for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Final (term 31) they did an act together along with Sarassi. Over the passing years the two have remained very close friends and are still seen walking the halls together.

Elliot Morganzo

Nerida met Elliot when they were both in third year. Elliot is also a Ravenclaw also in the same year as Nerida. They met in the book club where they were both on the same team. They re-did the three fairies scene from sleeping beauty where they are making the surprise party for Aurora. It was so fun. The third member of their group was a Hufflepuff second year named Ella Bishop.

Ella Bishop



Nerida met Ella when she was in her third year, while Ella was in her second year. Ella is a Hufflepuff. The two girls met in book club where they also met Elliot Morganzo. The three girls reenacted a scene from sleeping beauty, the three fairies scene. Later on during finals (of term 31) Nerida and Ella helped each other out with their ancient runes interpretation. Ella and Nerida are still good friends and talk when ever they can...Or when ever Nerida can.

Laura Hope Hyde

Sammi-hanratty LAURA

Laura in her fifth year after Nerida put the sign on the professor's door.

Laura is a Hufflepuff a year below Nerida. The two of them met when Nerida was in her third year and Laura was in her second year. Nerida first met Laura when she found her painting the kitchen corridor yellow, one of Laura's many pranks. Laura is a bad influence on Nerida, always daring her to do things, and of course Nerida not being able to refuse a dare gladly accepts. In Nerida's sixth year Laura dared her to post a note on the Charms Professor Ivy Knox's door,  which being Nerida she accepted and did exactly that. Laura and Nerida went to the swimming dock and had a water fight, this was before the dare. After the dare and the water fight Nerida said that Laura became her best friend.

The loving animals that Nerida calls her Pets


Poseidon is an owl that Hermes got her when they went to Diagon Alley for her first year Hogwarts school supplies.



Sky Eventide

Sky is her kitten, her father bought her for her two years ago when he passed a magical shop. Sky has Sky has three other siblings, one named Lilac, another one named Grass, and lastly one named Rose. Sky's fur is blue and white.



Lilac Eventide

Lilac is a kitten that she and her sister Arwen share, though its more Nerida's cat then it is Arwen's as Arwen doesn't really like cats as they are always so needy apparently... But over the years Nerida has realized that Lilac is Arwens since Lilac doesn't like to go anywhere same as Arwen. Lilac has three other siblings one named Sky, one named Grass and lastly one named Rose. Lilac's fur is purple and white.


Nerida is a Greek name, it means sea nymph. The last name Eventide comes from a game that the creator found when she was bored!


Meaning of Nerida Eventide Game

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