Full Name:

Nessarose Cosette Glendower

Date of Birth:

8 March 2053

Martial Status:


Place of Birth:

Tinworth, Cornwall, England


10" Hawthorn, Unicorn hair core

House Affiliation:





Being Mute

Nessarose Cosette Glendower, was the Professor of History of Magic for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2083-87).


Nessa is typically known as an optimist and is most often found with a smile. She is often overly cheerful, easily excited, and always wants to believe the best in everyone. She is a bit naive at times as well as easily distracted. Her passion is for the performing arts, though she enjoys anything creative or artistic. She is also a hopeless romantic, believing in soulmates and unrealistic plots found in chick flicks.


Nessarose is the only daughter and youngest of three children born to Brân and Moira Glendower, former childhood sweethearts. Her mother was an aspiring actress, though she did not have much success due to her little talent, but her enthusiasm helped her find a place in other roles at the local theater (stage crew, ticket handler, etc) so she could still be close to the shows. As a result of her passion, she named her three children after characters from her most beloved muggle musicals. As a child, Nessa felt that her other's performing arts passion was passed on to her and she was found to have quite a talent for acting and singing. She would often dress up the pets of the neighbor kids and put on puppet shows as entertainment - her favorite shows included historical reenactments.

At age eleven, Nessa was sent off to Hogwarts where she was sorted into Hufflepuff where she was delighted to join her best friend and childhood neighbor, Cassie Morgan. Now that they were both Badgers, they were able to spend much of their time together as Nessa very much looked up to her BFF, feeling she could understand her unique personality better than anyone. Though she was disappointed to find out that Hogwarts did not have any performing arts class in addition to the magical ones, she found a big interest in the fascinating stories of history and continued her little shows in the common room.

After Hogwarts, Nessa continued on at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts where she eagerly partook in nearly everything they had to offer. Once finished with her extended schooling, Nessa found herself working in the local theater from stage manager to lead actress. She was also made her town's historian as well as the theater's. To make some extra money and further pursue the arts, as well as inspire others in them, she periodically helped out as a teaching assistant at WADA. Once she turned 30, Nessa felt it was time to focus on a more traditional career (sporadic wages working part-time also contributed to this decision) and so she found herself interested in the vacant History of Magic position at Hogwarts, feeling her creative approach to retelling history could be beneficial.

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