Name: Niamh Anfield-Hope (Niamh is an Irish expression meaning light or radiance)

Date of Birth: May 1st 2066

Current Age: Graduated

Nationality: English

Wand: Ebony and unicorn hair

Heritage: Pureblood

Siblings: Younger sister named Nieth (NEE-ETH, not NEETH) who is half as young as Niamh

Pet: A calico cat called Ivy

Played By: Anna Sophia Robb

Writer: giant_squid_fan

In Detail (WIP)

Niamh spent the first three years of her education at Beauxbatons in France, although her family are English. Niamh has a sharp mind, can come across as stuck-up (but because of money not blood), and does have a mean streak. She doesn't like animals except for pedigree cats and tropical songbirds.

Niamh hated having to leave Beauxbatons and is more than unimpressed when she arrives at Hogwarts to find plastic tableware and pay-turnstiles. 

She has a great sense of fun and msichief but this is buried under the social airs and graces her parents demanded of her. 

In her first year at Beauxbatons she was given the nickname Nervy Niamh because of her fear of authority figures. Niamh detests and fears getting into trouble.

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