Niamh (NEE-av) Nostale was born and raised in County Clare, Ireland, in 2028. The youngest in a family of Healers, Niamh was a descendant of the famous Cliodna, the Irish Druidess who used magical birds to heal the sick. Niamh entered Hogwarts in 2039, where she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She excelled at Charms and Potions and received excellent marks on her OWLS and NEWTS.

After Hogwarts, Niamh worked as a Healer at St. Mungo's where she renewed the interest in ancient plants and their properties. She is an extremely gifted Healer and is considered to be somewhat of a prodigy, although she has no talent for DADA.

She worked at St. Mungo's until she was asked by former Headmistress Loryen to take over the School Nurse position in 2053. Niamh was unmarried, but spent a great deal of time with her pet crup, Moki. She moved on to different career choices in 2056.

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