Nicholas Tate


Nicholas Ralston Tate

Date of Birth

16th November, 2076

Blood Status





Nicky, Nick


13 ¼ inch robust Hazel with an Antipodean Opaleye heartstring core

Physical Description

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light brown


Short, slightly mussed


5'0" or ≈ 152 cm

Nicholas Ralston Tate was born on 16th November, 2076 in Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom to Tremaine Daniel Tate and Cadence Olivia Tate née Williams. He is the great nephew of former Headmaster Gaellen "Casey" Tate and his wife, Caroline Fionnula Avalon-Tate. Although he is an only child, he is very close with his cousin, Geneva Mea Tate. Currently, he is a sixth year Hufflepuff student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Nicky seems boring at first glance— probably because he is. A very old-fashioned and persnickety soul, he repels company more often than not. But underneath all his particularity, there's quite a unique individual waiting to be discovered. He loves exploring ideas through creating, troubleshooting, and first-hand experience, and he adores people taking an interest in his crafty projects. Sometimes, he becomes so excited about a task that he doesn't mind folks getting into his space... on the condition that they don't interfere with his rules.

The Hufflepuff would never hesitate to lend a hand, but he generally prefers solitude over cooperation; it's easier for him to achieve his goals sans worry over others' reliability or scrupulousness. Nicky abhors any sort of cheating, dishonesty, or unfair play that may go against his morals, and he strongly believes it is better to be alone than in bad company. Despite his slight superiority complex and unwillingness to go against the book, he is a surprisingly good at working in teams. Perhaps all he really needs is a chance to showcase his somewhat underdeveloped social skills.


Early Life

This is where stuff goes about chubby baby Nicky.


Stuff goes here.


First Year (2090-2091)

Coming soon: stuff

Second Year (2091-2092)

Coming soon: stuff

Third Year (2092-2093)

Coming soon: - Meeting Clara/Blaise - Seeing Henry in DA

Fourth Year (2093-2094)

Coming soon:

Fifth Year (2094-2095)

Coming soon:

Sixth Year (2095-2096)

Coming soon:

Seventh Year (2096-2097)

Coming soon:



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Stuff goes here.

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