Nigel Barrington
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Full Name:

Nigel Caelum Barrington

Date of Birth:

19 August, 2065

Blood Status:

Half Blood


Ni, Nig, Starfish

Relationship Status:

Single Pringle


11 1/4 inch, Walnut with Sphinx talon, balanced


Box JellyFish


White Wolf

Nigel Caelum Barrington was born on 19 August, 2065 in Dublin, Ireland to Hendrik and Camilla Barrington. He is the older brother to Dante Barrington. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and was the Ravenclaw Prefect from 2081-84.



The best brown hair and flow you will ever see




6' 2" (1.88m)

Currently, he is a Curse Breaker at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in London. He attended The Wizarding University in Cairo, Majoring in Wizarding Archaeology and Egyptology and Advanced Rune Study with minors in Magical History and Ancient Magical Languages. He is also the Bass Guitarist in the band The Dead Kneazles.


Nigel is lazy and get along with mostly everyone. He is prone to following along and escalating on crazy fun ideas. He takes life as it comes and tries to have a good time when he can. He is probably way to chill at times and does not care about his safety, if it means a good laugh or story. He has a unique sense of humor and hobbies. He follows where his interests whether it be starfishing, hair care, the band, or curse breaking and will give 100 percent effort into them. If not interested, he will not even try and nap. He favorite languages besides English are gobbledegook and Arabic.

Pre Hogwarts

This is were stuff goes about how Nigel was a normal kid and traveled around a lot never staying at home for long.


First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Starfishing |Lake Shenanigans with Lex and Mika |Learning Mermish with Cat | Patronus/Dementors | Blues Brothers with Mo | First in Fun | Slip N' Slide Party |Turnstiles | Three legged goo race with Blue | Most Likely to Invent or Discover Something Super and Should Have their Own Theme Song Superlative

Fifth Year

Internship at Gringotts with Jake and Colin |surprisingly Ravenlaw Prefect | Halloween Party | Date with Blue |Runes with Alice and Horse Puns | Pickle Cereal and Starfish Song with Wade| Afro with Wade and Alec| The Dead Kneazles | Most Likely to Initiate a Flash Mob Superlative 

Sixth Year 

Driver's License |Road Trip with Dora, Schuyler, Mo and Cat| Dating Blue Gracae |Bathroom Awkwardness with Theo,Alec and Librarian | Old and GREY HAIR | Band's First Live Performance | Bro Code/Gorilla Suit with Mo | Picnic with Dora and Mo |Beautiful Hair is Back!

Seventh Year 

Peru and El Dorado | Trip to Egypt | Tattoo | Car Ride with Dora | West and Mo losing their Captain Badges | Owlery in the Dorm along with Dark Room | Blizzard and No Leaving Castle | Meeting Dima, Kyroh, and Maddie |Game Night with Mo and Dora | Boat Race with 7th Years | Grad Party with TDK Concert


Family and Friends stuff goes here

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