Ocean Qudditch, is a version of Qudditch made by the Australians, Kylie Rewuri, and her family which includes the Mistress of Magic for Australia.

It is much like Qudditch, it is just like Qudditch, same rules... Well almost the same, instead of playing over a field your playing over the ocean and once you fall off your broom you do a flip and go into the water, after a thirty minutes that player can come back into the game!


  • 1 Keeper
  • 1 Seeker
  • 3 Chasers
  • 2 Beaters
  • 1 reserve for Keeper and Seeker, 3 reserves for Chaser, and 2 reserves for Beater

Thanks from the Creator

Thanks to Luna_Midnight (same name here and SS) AKA Alyssa for this amazing idea, and helping me come up with everything!

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