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This particular tree is named for its putrid sticky green bark, which will ensnare anything that wanders too close. However, as dangerous as this giant may be, it is considered to be the friendliest of all flesh-eating trees.

Appearance & Whereabouts:

Ogreous Oaks are most commonly found in enchanted forests. Occasionally one will wind up in a neighbouring Muggle forest, but they will not survive long in a non-magical environment. They are travelling trees and migrate to different parts of the forest. However movement does not come quickly to these towering trees. On average an Ogreous Oak's top speed is around 0.1km per day. Even though it seems to take an eternity for these trees to move about, you will still want to be wary of their presence in the forest.
Ogreous Oaks are one of the largest varieties of flesh eating trees, often reaching far above the top of the canopy. Obscuring sunlight for surrounding trees, they are usually found standing alone. However they aren't exactly solitary beings. Fan-tailed Pheasants make their messy homes among the massive branches. These pheasants have intensely oiled feathers that allow them to interact with the tree without becoming trapped. The trees seem to appreciate their company and are often observed sheltering the birds during severe weather.


These Oaks devour their prey by encasing them into the bark and then absorbing it into the roots. The entire process takes between 10-14 hours. If you find yourself ensnared you will have time to mount an escape plan. Whatever you do not panic! Struggling will only enmesh you further into the grasp of its beastly branches. If you happen to be wearing extra layers, it should be simple to slip away. If that won't work you can try singing the song of the Fan-tailed Pheasant. It sounds a lot like a chicken sneezing. The Oak may think one of its inhabitants is in danger and release you. The only other option is to magically summon olive oil. Cover yourself completely and wriggle free. You may be overly moisturized for weeks, but at least you will be alive.
Ogreous Oaks only need to eat once or twice during a one hundred year period. They will often entrap an unsuspecting unicorn or a napping nargle. Although they can be extremely dangerous, they are a big part of our magical forests and should be respected for the great giants they are.

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