Oskar Imago


Oskar Arcturus Imago

Date of Birth

11th August, 2075 (16)


Durmstrang Institute






6'2", lanky, thin despite regular attempts to build muscle




Bright blue

Oskar Arcturus Imago is a Norwegian-born wizard, currently in his sixth year at Durmstrang Institute. He is a member of House Wolverine, and competes as a member of the school Combat Team, and the Duelling Club.

Personality and Key Characteristics

An enigma to most people around him, Oskar's true personality is unknown to all but those who have known him from an early age. Of those who spend time with him, the more observant often become curious as to his true thoughts and feelings, as they are the most likely to notice that his entire public personality is made up of mimicry and echoes.

At an early age, Oskar noticed that he did not have the same emotional responses to life as those around him. While he observed others laughing, smiling, crying, shouting in anger, or becoming embarrassed, he found he could feel none of these emotions for himself. Having been brought up in a family that had always been obsessed with the putting across the appropriate image, he quickly learned how best to mimic the emotional responses of others. As a result of mirroring various people (which Oskar did in order to avoid being an obvious 'copycat'), his personality and emotional responses are not always predictable. He mostly emulates his father's standoffishness, his mother's softness and politeness, his sister's ruthlessness, and the ferocity of his housemates at Durmstrang. The more time Oskar spends with a person, the more he will start to mirror them, particularly when he has a lot of contact with them in a short space of time. Because of this, despite having no real desire for close personal relationships, he tries to spread his time between various people.

Magical Characteristics

Blood Status



9 ½", yew, dragon heartstring core (Ukranian Ironbelly), slightly yielding







Due to his lack of emotional range, Oskar cannot feel fear, and as such, boggarts do not know what form to take with him. He has never felt angry in his life, nor happiness, love, despair, or anything at all, and it is likely that he never will. The one thing that was continually drilled into him as a child was the importance of the family name, and of continuing it, and his taking over the business. Though Oskar does not recognise what it really feels like to feel obligated to do something, he always does as his father tells him, understanding that that is how he is likely to keep his life of luxury and his social standing.

History and Early Life


Pre-Life and Early Life



life and things, meeting bastien and forming a friendship


First Year

sorted into Wolverine, joined Combat team as a novice

Second Year

more combat, crazy growth spurt? more stuff probably

Third Year

no bastien, no combat tournament, continues training, does extra credit work in order to be able to do early entry OWLs

Fourth Year

meeting more people, early OWLs

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