Outback's Downunder School for the Magical, is basically in the middle of Australia, under the Uluru. The school was made by eight founders, seven from each of the seven states of Australia, and the last founder came from the National Capital.

A school much like Hogwarts:

  • has a sorting hat (given to the eight founders by Godric Gryffindor)
  • has six houses
  • has Quidditch and Ocean Qudditch
  • seven years of school (optional eight)


  1. Hoppers~ Agile, Quick, Brave
  2. Kangas~Fast, Jumpy, Loyal
  3. Corals~ "Colorful", Funny, Fun but serious,
  4. Oceania~ Witful, Ready Mind
  5. Koalas~Shy, Kind, Peaceful,
  6. Dingos~ Cunning, Sly as a fox,

Known Students and Teachers

Kylie Flora Rewuri (all years)

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