Paint Flashing Charm


Colorus Fulgeo ____

Wand movement

Tap, then circle right, circle left




Causes paint to flash different shades

The Paint Flashing Spell was first taught in Charms class during Term 25 by Professor Alexia Carlton. The spell makes the color or colors on an object flash between shades, and it is often utilized to make Quidditch or campaign banners.

The wand motion is a tap on the paint to be changed, followed by a complete circle to the right and then a complete circle to the left. The incantation is Colorus Fulgeo, followed by the starting and ending shades. For example, if the color in question is red and the caster wants it to flash gold, the caster would tap the red with the tip of the wand, and then say Colorus Fulgeo red to gold while making circles above the object.

Note that this spell ONLY work when making paint flash between colors. Other objects can have their color changed using the Colorus Revolvo spell. More than two colors can be used in the incantation, but adding colors requires additional focus and practice.

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