It is also commonly known as the pixie parasol. Pixies are often found resting on or under these strange umbrella shaped wonders. They are the perfect size for pixies to perch upon, but they also have a welcoming and invigorating aroma of peppermint which the pixies find enchanting. It is thought that this variety of Toadstools get some of their magical properties from the pixies themselves.


One of the easiest of all toadstools to identify, it is also becoming increasingly rare due to over harvesting. Easily recognized by its distinctive red and white umbrella striped body, black stem and fragrant peppermint aroma.


Peppermint Striped Parasol’s are rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities. Although any witch or wizard who desires to harvest one of the Peppermint Striped Parasols, will have to first distract or stun the pixies. This may be more difficult than you think as the pixies consider themselves the caretakers of these toadstools.


This variety will only be found growing in enchanted forests. Usually resting in the shade of giant elms, or Monkey-tail trees. They thrive in moist and soil rich areas. Recent Ministry attempts to grow these delicate fungi in greenhouses has ended in constant failure. Although, they have found some success when inviting the pixies to live in the greenhouses amongst the toadstools. The trick there is to convince the pixies that we are trying to help the toadstools, rather than tricking them.


The Peppermint Striped Parasol is one of the main ingredients in "Magic Minty Melts" the infamous enchanting love candy. As demand for these candies has sky rocketed, the prices paid for the toadstools themselves have gone through the roof, making these one of the most sought after toadstools around. If a solution to the growing issue doesn't arise soon, these toadstools may be placed on the magically endangered list. A sad fate for such a truly beautiful toadstool.

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